Bass Guitar Kapsule - Infinite Player Library for Kontakt

A Variety Pack of Bass Guitars for the Infinite Player

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Product Information

*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

The Bass Kapsule offers clean, deep, punchy and expressive basses with a variety of articulations which include fingered, picked, pulls, slaps, taps, slides and more. For every style of music from R&B to Rock to Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Jazz and more, these high-quality basses offer a great degree of expression and flexibility.

A wide assortment of different acoustic basses and electric bass guitars are included in this package. This sound collection has some of the most desirable bass instruments you can find from great Fender®Precision and Jazz basses to classic Hofner®"Beatle"Bass, Ricky 4001, Lakeland 5-string fretless, Chapman Stick® and many others.

The sample content of this library previously appeared in the Bass Guitar Sonic Capsule. Crossgrades available.

Sonic Reality's Kapsules series for Infinite Player provides a vast array of instruments for every style of music.  Instruments range from acoustic to electric, vintage to electronic, classic to rare and esoteric.  The Kontakt Player interface allows the user to manipulate the sounds with effects (compressor, distortion, reverb, delay), EQ, envelope, filters, and LFO, as well as basic panning, volume and velocity.  Each Kapsule provides an assortment of essential instruments for any musician or producer!

This product requires a registered Infinite Player.  Remember that while Kontakt Player itself is FREE from Native Instruments (we provide it to you for convenience), these third party sounds do require a “gateway” for them to be played in Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt. The gateway that unlocks Sonic Reality sounds with NI’s service center is called the “Infinite Player.” You must have the Infinite Player in order to play Sonic Reality sounds.  If you do not already own Infinite Player, it can be purchased below.

Purchase Sonic Reality's Infinite Player

Acoustic Upright
Bass HarmonCH
Chow Bella Bass
Chpman Stick
Chrs Stick
Copy of PBass P Hrmnx
Copy of PBass Picked
Daves Bass1 2D
Daves Bass2 2D
DblBs 4 Fingered P
Double Bass 2
Finger Bass 2
Fretless 1
Funk Mama Bass
FunkyBs 2Shrt
FunkyBs 2Slap
FunkyBs Pop
HF Bass Slide
Hofnr Amp Bass
Hofnr Bass
Jaco Bass
Jason Fretless
Jazz Bass Pick 3
Jazz Bass Pick D
Jazzbs Fngrd
Jazzbs Pickd
J-Bass Fngfl
J-Bass Fngrd
J-Bass Harmnx
J-Bass Picfl
J-Bass Pickd
JF Bass
JFBass Up 1
JS Fretless 21
JS Fretless 22
JS Fretless 4
JS Fretless Up
JS Frt Up 2D
JS Frtls 2D Perf1
JS Frtls 2D
JS Harmonics
K5 St Bs Shrt 2D
K5 St Fng 2DPrf1
K5 St Fng 2DPrf2
K5 St Pck 2DPrf1
K5 St Pck 2DPrf2
K5 Str Bs FretNz
K5 Str Bs Noises
K5 Str Bs Riffs
K5 Str Bs Short F
K5 Str Bs Short MF
K5 Str Bs Sldups
K5 Str Fng 2D
K5 Str Fng F
K5 Str Fng MF
K5 Str Harmnx
K5 Str Hmr
K5 Str Pck 2D
K5 Str Pck F
K5 Str Pck MF
Nameless Sticks
No Pick Here Bass
P Bass + PK
P Bass+PK-H2
P Bass+PK-HM
PBass 2D Fngr
PBass 2D Pckd
PBass F Hrmnx
PBass Fingered
PBass L Fingered
PBass L Picked
PBass P Hrmnx
PBass Picked
PBass Pulled
PBassH Fngrd
PBassH Pickd
PBassL Fngrd
PBassL Pickd
Pick it up
Picked Bass 1
Picked Bass 2
Picked Bass 2D
Pull Bass
Ricky 4001 Pc
Ricky 4001 Pc2
Ricky Bass
Ricky Bass2
Ricky Hrmnx
Round Bass
Serious Pull
Slap Bass 1
Stacata Bass
Stick Twang Notes
Thumb Thy Bass
Track Bass
Upright Bass 2D
Upright Bass 3D
Upright Bass M1
Upright Bass M2
Upright Bass
Zing Bass

Kapsules require Sonic Reality's Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt. 

This product does not include the Infinite Player.

To purchase the Infinite Player, please go to:

For information or assistance, please contact


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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