Electric Guitar Kapsule - Infinite Player Library for Kontakt

A Variety Pack of Acoustic Guitar Instruments for the Infinite Player

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Product Information

*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

For those of you seeking authentic electric guitar sounds to play from any MIDI controller, the Electric Guitar Kapsule delivers top quality playable and expressive multisamples. Covering a wide range of styles, the Electric Guitar Kapsule is suitable for Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, Pop, R&B and more.

You get an incredible variety of different sampled guitar models to choose: Gibson Les Paul, Fender Strat, Fender Tele, Pedal Steels, Gretsch hollow bodies and more. The playing styles include mult-dynamic pick, hammer, harmonics, mutes and more.

The sample content of this library previously appeared in the Electric Guitar Sonic Capsule. Crossgrades available.

Sonic Reality's Kapsules series for Infinite Player provides a vast array of instruments for every style of music.  Instruments range from acoustic to electric, vintage to electronic, classic to rare and esoteric.  The Kontakt Player interface allows the user to manipulate the sounds with effects (compressor, distortion, reverb, delay), EQ, envelope, filters, and LFO, as well as basic panning, volume and velocity.  Each Kapsule provides an assortment of essential instruments for any musician or producer!

This product requires a registered Infinite Player.  Remember that while Kontakt Player itself is FREE from Native Instruments (we provide it to you for convenience), these third party sounds do require a “gateway” for them to be played in Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt. The gateway that unlocks Sonic Reality sounds with NI’s service center is called the “Infinite Player.” You must have the Infinite Player in order to play Sonic Reality sounds.  If you do not already own Infinite Player, it can be purchased below.

Purchase Sonic Reality's Infinite Player

Gretch 1
Gretch 2
Gretch 2D Stack
Gretch 3
Gretch 4
Gretch Jazfng J2
Gretch Jazfng JZ
Gretch Mute 1
Gretch Mute 2
Gretch Mutes 2D
Jazz Geetar
Les Pl 3D Prf1
Les Pl Harmnx
Les Pl Hmrd Vib
Les Pl Hmrd
Les Pl Pckd 3D
Les Pl Pckd F
Les Pl Pckd MF
Les Pl Pckd MP
Les Pl Vib 2D
Les Pl Vib Loud
Les Pl Vib Soft
Pedal Steel Cln NB
Pedal Steel Cln
Pedal Steel Dist
Pedal Steel Dst NB
Rky12 2D Prf1
Rky12 3D Prf2
Rky12 3D Prf3
Rky12 bridge
Rky12 dn 2D
Rky12 dn F
Rky12 dn P
Rky12 Hrmnx 2D
Rky12 Hrmnx F
Rky12 Hrmnx P
Rky12 up 2D
Rky12 Up F
Rky12 Up P
Strat 3D Prf1
Strat 3D Prf2
Strat Cln Pulls
Strat Dn 3D
Strat Dn F
Strat Dn MF
Strat Dn P
Strat Hammer
Strat Hard Slides
Strat Hrmnx 2D
Strat Hrmnx F
Strat Hrmnx P
Strat Mute Dn 3D
Strat Mute F Dn
Strat Mute M Dn
Strat Mute P Dn
Strat Mute P2
Strat Noises
Strat Pulls 2D
Strat Pulls 3D
Strat Pulls F
Strat Pulls M
Strat Pulls P
Strat Qk Mute
Strat VibPerf3
Strat VibPerf4
Strat VibPerf5
Strat Vibrato
Tele Clean 1
Tele Clean VB
Tele Cln Tremolo
Think Floyd
Xt Bs Dist Gtr
Xt FloydFuzz Gtr

Kapsules require Sonic Reality's Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt. 

This product does not include the Infinite Player.

To purchase the Infinite Player, please go to:


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Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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