Studio Drums Kapsule - Infinite Player Library for Kontakt

A Variety Pack of Stereo Acoustic Drums for Infinite Player

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Product Information

*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

If you are looking for a drum library that offers the realism and expression that only a professionally recorded acoustic drum kit can provide and one offered at a great price, then look no further. The Studio Drums Kapsule brings that crisp studio sound to your favorite software sampler. You will find it to be a great source for a variety of useful drum kits.

Flexible Mapping

The Studio Drums Kapsule is mapped in both SR iMAP layout and standard GM, both as kits and individuall hits for flexibility in creating custom kits. This more simple SR iMap layout facilitates amazing "keyboard-based" drumming by placing every drum and cymbal in its most intuitive location. Perform complex patterns and offbeats with the greatest of ease. Standard GM kit mapping is also included with every kit for convenience and portability.

Incredible Expressiveness

Play drum kits with multiple velocity switch points and alternate hits - nothing sounds closer to a live drummer. Multiple hi-hat and snare positions, ghost notes, left and right stick drum rolls, chokes, dynamics... the tools for expression are there!


A nice variety of different kits such as Yamaha®, Gretsch®, Ludwig® and more. Includes brush kits, modern and vintage kits, heavy rock kits, dance kits, jazz kits and more - not to mention the infinite amount of sounds you can make by producing and processing them to fit in your own style of music! The Studio Drum Capsule is a versatile library of over 1,000 hits with natural dry and medium studio ambience. A must for anyone looking to make professional-sounding drum tracks without having to spend big bucks.

The sample content of this library previously appeared in the Studio Drums Sonic Capsule. Crossgrades available.

Sonic Reality's Kapsules series for Infinite Player provides a vast array of instruments for every style of music.  Instruments range from acoustic to electric, vintage to electronic, classic to rare and esoteric.  The Kontakt Player interface allows the user to manipulate the sounds with effects (compressor, distortion, reverb, delay), EQ, envelope, filters, and LFO, as well as basic panning, volume and velocity.  Each Kapsule provides an assortment of essential instruments for any musician or producer!

This product requires a registered Infinite Player.  Remember that while Kontakt Player itself is FREE from Native Instruments (we provide it to you for convenience), these third party sounds do require a “gateway” for them to be played in Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt. The gateway that unlocks Sonic Reality sounds with NI’s service center is called the “Infinite Player.” You must have the Infinite Player in order to play Sonic Reality sounds.  If you do not already own Infinite Player, it can be purchased below.

Purchase Sonic Reality's Infinite Player

2D A Plus Kit GM
2D A Plus Kit
2D Add Terisk Kit GM
2D Add Terisk Kit
2D Alta Kit GM
2D Alta Kit
2D Beautiful Baby GM
2D Beautiful Baby
2D Brushez 2 Kit GM
2D Brushez 2 Kit
2D Brushez 3 Kit GM
2D Brushez 3 Kit
2D Brushez Kit GM
2D Brushez Kit
2D Brushit Kit GM
2D Brushit Kit
2D Clinky Kit GM
2D Clinky Kit
2D Fes Oundz Kit GM
2D Fes Oundz Kit
2D Full hist Kit GM
2D Full hist Kit
2D Funk E Kit GM
2D Funk E Kit
2D HJ Bon em Kit GM
2D HJ Bon em Kit
2D iLike Kit GM
2D iLike Kit
2D Intellekt Kit GM
2D Intellekt Kit
2D Jasound Kit GM
2D Jasound Kit
2D Lasso Kit GM
2D Lasso Kit
2D Lick Kit GM
2D Lick Kit
2D Live room Kit 1 GM
2D Live room Kit 1
2D Live room Kit 2 GM
2D Live room Kit 2
2D Matrix Kit GM
2D Matrix Kit
2D MaxiKit GM
2D MaxiKit
2D Monstrocity Kit GM
2D Monstrocity Kit
2D Neo Kit GM
2D Neo Kit
2D Nice Ride Kit GM
2D Nice Ride Kit
2D Nuke this Kit GM
2D Nuke this Kit
2D Paint Brush Kit GM
2D Paint Brush Kit
2D Qualify Kit GM
2D Qualify Kit
2D Real Alter Kit GM
2D Real Alter Kit
2D Rickel Lo Ki
2D Rickel Lo Kit GM
2D Rickel Lo Kit
2D Riden Hour Kit GM
2D Riden Hour Kit
2D Ring Out Kit GM
2D Ring Out Kit
2D Scrappy TAF Kit GM
2D Scrappy TAF Kit
2D Shirley Kit GM
2D Shirley Kit
2D Smackle Kit GM
2D Smackle Kit
2D Studio A Kit GM
2D Studio A Kit
2D Studio B Kit GM
2D Studio B Kit
2D Towely Kit GM
2D Towely Kit
2D Twenty four 7 Kit GM
2D Twenty four 7 Kit
2D Wall of Snare Kit GM
2D Wall of Snare Kit
2D Which Kit GM
2D Which Kit
A Plus Cymbls
A Plus Hats
A Plus Kiks
A Plus Kit
A Plus Rides
A Plus Snares MD
A Plus Snr
A Plus Toms MD
A Plus Toms
Add Terisk Cymbls
Add Terisk Hats
Add Terisk Kiks
Add Terisk Kit
Add Terisk Rides
Add Terisk Snr
Add Terisk Toms
Alta Cymbls
Alta Hats
Alta Kiks
Alta Kit RideCym MD
Alta Kit
Alta Rides
Alta Snr
Alta Toms
Beautiful Baby Cymbls
Beautiful Baby hats MD
Beautiful Baby Hats
Beautiful Baby Kiks
Beautiful Baby Rides
Beautiful Baby Snares MD
Beautiful Baby Snr
Beautiful Baby Toms
Beautiful Baby
Blastick Snare
BLSMTom Snares On
Brushez 2 Aust Snares MD
Brushez 2 BillSM Kicks MD
Brushez 2 Cymbls
Brushez 2 Hats
Brushez 2 Kiks
Brushez 2 Kit
Brushez 2 Rides
Brushez 2 Snr
Brushez 2 Toms
Brushez 3 Cymbls
Brushez 3 Hats
Brushez 3 Kiks
Brushez 3 Kit
Brushez 3 Ride
Brushez 3 Snares MD
Brushez 3 Snr
Brushez 3 Toms MD
Brushez 3 Toms
Brushez Cymbls
Brushez Hats
Brushez Kiks
Brushez Kit
Brushez Ride
Brushez Snr
Brushez Toms
Brushit Cymbls
Brushit Hats
Brushit Kiks
Brushit Kit
Brushit Rides
Brushit Snr
Brushit Toms
Clinky Cymbls
Clinky Hats
Clinky Kiks
Clinky Kit
Clinky Rides
Clinky Snr
Clinky Toms
Custom SN 01
Custom SN 02
Custom SN 05
Custom SN 05b
Custom SN 06
Custom Snare 08
Custom Snr 03
DW Brass_Maple Cust 07
DW Thad Snr
Fes Oundz Cymbls
Fes Oundz Hats
Fes Oundz Kiks
Fes Oundz Kit
Fes Oundz Rides
Fes Oundz Snr
Fes Oundz Toms
Full Hist Cymbls
Full Hist Hats
Full Hist Kiks
Full hist Kit
Full Hist Rides
Full Hist Snr
Full Hist Toms
Funk E Cymbls
Funk E Hats
Funk E Kiks
Funk E Kit
Funk E Rides
Funk E Snr
Funk E Toms
HJ Bon em Cymbls
HJ Bon em Hats
HJ Bon em Kiks
HJ Bon em Kit
HJ Bon em Rides
HJ Bon em Snr
HJ Bon em Toms
iLike Cymbls
iLike Hats
iLike Kiks
iLike Kit
iLike Rides
iLike Snr
iLike Toms
Intellekt Cymbls
Intellekt Hats
Intellekt Kiks
Intellekt Kit
Intellekt Rides
Intellekt Snr
Intellekt Toms
Jasound Cymbls
Jasound Hats
Jasound Kiks
Jasound Kit
Jasound Rides
Jasound Snr
Jasound Toms
JRidn Snare
Lasso Cymbls
Lasso Hats
Lasso Kik
Lasso Kit
Lasso Rides
Lasso Snr
Lasso Toms
Lick Cymbls
Lick Hats
Lick Kiks
Lick Kit
Lick Rides
Lick Snr
Lick Toms
Live room 1 Cymbls
Live room 1 Hats
Live room 1 Kiks
Live room 1 Rides
Live room 1 Snr
Live room 1 Toms
Live room 2 Cymbls
Live room 2 Hats
Live room 2 Kiks
Live room 2 Rides
Live room 2 Snr
Live room 2 Toms
Live room Kit 1
Live room Kit 2
Maxi Cymbls
Maxi Hats
Maxi Kiks
Maxi Rides
Maxi Snr
Maxi Toms
MaxiKit Cymbals MD
MaxiKit Hats MD
MaxiKit Kicks MD
MaxiKit Ridecym MD
MaxiKit Snares MD
MaxiKit Toms MD
MD A Plus Cym GM
MD A Plus hats GM
MD A Plus Kik GM
MD A Plus Kit GM
MD A Plus Rds GM
MD A Plus Snares GM
MD A Plus Snr GM
MD A Plus tms GM
MD A Plus Toms GM
MD Add Terisk Cym GM
MD Add Terisk Hats GM
MD Add Terisk Kik GM
MD Add Terisk Kit GM
MD Add Terisk Rds GM
MD Add Terisk Ridecym GM
MD Add Terisk Snr GM
MD Add Terisk Tms GM
MD Alta Cym GM
MD Alta Hats GM
MD Alta Kik GM
MD Alta Kit GM
MD Alta Kit Hats GM
MD Alta Rds GM
MD Alta Ridecym GM
MD Alta Snr GM
MD Alta Tms GM
MD Beautiful Baby Cym GM
MD Beautiful Baby GM
MD Beautiful Baby Hats GM
MD Beautiful Baby Kiks GM
MD Beautiful Baby Rds GM
MD Beautiful Baby Snares GM
MD Beautiful Baby Snr GM
MD Beautiful Baby Tms GM
MD Brushez 2 Aust Snare GM
MD Brushez 2 BillSM Kck GM
MD Brushez 2 Cym GM
MD Brushez 2 Hats GM
MD Brushez 2 Kik GM
MD Brushez 2 Kit GM
MD Brushez 2 Rds GM
MD Brushez 2 Snr GM
MD Brushez 2 Tms GM
MD Brushez 3 Cym GM
MD Brushez 3 Hats GM
MD Brushez 3 Kik GM
MD Brushez 3 Kit GM
MD Brushez 3 Rds GM
MD Brushez 3 Snares GM
MD Brushez 3 Snr GM
MD Brushez 3 Tms GM
MD Brushez 3 Toms GM
MD Brushez Cym GM
MD Brushez Hats GM
MD Brushez Kik GM
MD Brushez Kit GM
MD Brushez Kit Toms GM
MD Brushez Rds GM
MD Brushez Ridecym GM
MD Brushez Snr GM
MD Brushez Tms GM
MD Brushit Cym GM
MD Brushit Hats GM
MD Brushit Kik GM
MD Brushit Kit GM
MD Brushit Rds GM
MD Brushit Ridecym GM
MD Brushit Snr GM
MD Brushit Tms GM
MD Clinky Cym GM
MD Clinky Hats GM
MD Clinky Kik GM
MD Clinky Kit GM
MD Clinky Rds GM
MD Clinky Snr GM
MD Clinky Tms GM
MD Fes Oundz Cym GM
MD Fes Oundz Hats GM
MD Fes Oundz Kik GM
MD Fes Oundz Kit GM
MD Fes Oundz Rds GM
MD Fes Oundz Ridecym GM
MD Fes Oundz Snr GM
MD Fes Oundz Tms GM
MD Full hist Cym GM
MD Full hist Hats GM
MD Full hist Kik GM
MD Full hist Kit GM
MD Full hist Rds GM
MD Full hist Ridecym GM
MD Full hist Snr GM
MD Full hist Tms GM
MD Funk E Cym GM
MD Funk E Hats GM
MD Funk E Kik GM
MD Funk E Kit GM
MD Funk E Rds GM
MD Funk E Snr GM
MD Funk E Tms GM
MD HJ Bon em Cym GM
MD HJ Bon em Hats GM
MD HJ Bon em Kik GM
MD HJ Bon em Kit GM
MD HJ Bon em Rds GM
MD HJ Bon em Snr GM
MD HJ Bon em Tms GM
MD iLike Cym GM
MD iLike Hats GM
MD iLike Kik GM
MD iLike Kit GM
MD iLike Rds GM
MD iLike Ridecym GM
MD iLike Snr GM
MD iLike Tms GM
MD Intellekt Cym GM
MD Intellekt Hats GM
MD Intellekt Kik GM
MD Intellekt Kit GM
MD Intellekt Rds GM
MD Intellekt Ridecym GM
MD Intellekt Snr GM
MD Intellekt Tms GM
MD Jasound Cym GM
MD Jasound Hats GM
MD Jasound Kik GM
MD Jasound Kit GM
MD Jasound Rds GM
MD Jasound Ridecym GM
MD Jasound Snr GM
MD Jasound Tms GM
MD Lasso Cym GM
MD Lasso Hats GM
MD Lasso Kik GM
MD Lasso Kit GM
MD Lasso Kit Toms GM
MD Lasso Rds GM
MD Lasso Ridecym GM
MD Lasso Snr GM
MD Lasso Tms GM
MD Lick Cym GM
MD Lick Hats GM
MD Lick Kik GM
MD Lick Kit GM
MD Lick Rds GM
MD Lick Ridecym GM
MD Lick Snr GM
MD Lick Tms GM
MD Live room Cym 1 GM
MD Live room Cym 2 GM
MD Live room Hats 1 GM
MD Live room Hats 2 GM
MD Live room Kik 1 GM
MD Live room Kiks 2 GM
MD Live room Kit 1 GM
MD Live room Kit 2 GM
MD Live room Rds 1 GM
MD Live room Rds 2 GM
MD Live room Ridecym 1 GM
MD Live room Ridecym 2 GM
MD Live room Snr 1 GM
MD Live room Snr 2 GM
MD Live room Tms 1 GM
MD Live room Tms 2 GM
MD MaxiKit Cym GM
MD MaxiKit GM
MD MaxiKit Hats GM
MD MaxiKit Kick GM
MD MaxiKit Kik GM
MD MaxiKit Rds GM
MD MaxiKit Ridecym GM
MD MaxiKit Snare GM
MD MaxiKit Snr GM
MD MaxiKit Tms GM
MD MaxiKit Toms GM
MD Monstrocity Cym GM
MD Monstrocity Hats GM
MD Monstrocity Kik GM
MD Monstrocity Kit GM
MD Monstrocity Rds GM
MD Monstrocity Ridecym GM
MD Monstrocity Snr GM
MD Monstrocity Tms GM
MD Neo Cym GM
MD Neo Hats GM
MD Neo Kik GM
MD Neo Kit GM
MD Neo Rds GM
MD Neo Ridecym GM
MD Neo Snr GM
MD Neo Tms GM
MD Nice Ride Cym GM
MD Nice Ride Hats GM
MD Nice Ride Kik GM
MD Nice Ride Kit GM
MD Nice Ride Rds GM
MD Nice Ride Ridecym GM
MD Nice Ride Snr GM
MD Nice Ride Tms GM
MD Nuke this Cym GM
MD Nuke this Hats GM
MD Nuke this Kik GM
MD Nuke this Kit GM
MD Nuke this Rds GM
MD Nuke this Ridecym GM
MD Nuke this Snr GM
MD Nuke this Tms GM
MD Paint Brush Cym GM
MD Paint Brush Hats GM
MD Paint Brush Kik GM
MD Paint Brush Kit GM
MD Paint Brush Rds GM
MD Paint Brush Snares GM
MD Paint Brush Snr GM
MD Paint Brush Tms GM
MD Paint Brush Toms GM
MD Qualify Cym GM
MD Qualify Hats GM
MD Qualify Kik GM
MD Qualify Kit GM
MD Qualify Rds GM
MD Qualify Ridecym GM
MD Qualify Snr GM
MD Qualify Tms GM
MD Rickel Lo Cym GM
MD Rickel Lo Hats GM
MD Rickel Lo Kicks GM
MD Rickel Lo Kik GM
MD Rickel Lo Kit GM
MD Rickel Lo Kit GM
MD Rickel Lo Rds GM
MD Rickel Lo Snares GM
MD Rickel Lo Snr GM
MD Rickel Lo Tms GM
MD Riden Hour Cym GM
MD Riden Hour Hats GM
MD Riden Hour Kik GM
MD Riden Hour Kit GM
MD Riden Hour Rds GM
MD Riden Hour Snr GM
MD Riden Hour Tms GM
MD Ring Out Cym GM
MD Ring Out Hats GM
MD Ring Out Kik GM
MD Ring Out Kit GM
MD Ring Out Rds GM
MD Ring Out Ridecym GM
MD Ring Out Snr GM
MD Ring Out Tms GM
MD Scrappy TAF Cym GM
MD Scrappy TAF Hats GM
MD Scrappy TAF Kik GM
MD Scrappy TAF Kit GM
MD Scrappy TAF Rds GM
MD Scrappy TAF Snr GM
MD Scrappy TAF Tms GM
MD Shirley Cym GM
MD Shirley Hats GM
MD Shirley Kik GM
MD Shirley Kit GM
MD Shirley Rds GM
MD Shirley Ridecym GM
MD Shirley Snr GM
MD Shirley Tms GM
MD Smackle Cym GM
MD Smackle Hats GM
MD Smackle Kik GM
MD Smackle Kit GM
MD Smackle Rds GM
MD Smackle Ridecym GM
MD Smackle Snr GM
MD Smackle Tms GM
MD Studio A Cym GM
MD Studio A Hats GM
MD Studio A Kik GM
MD Studio A Kit GM
MD Studio A Rds GM
MD Studio A Ridecym GM
MD Studio A Snr GM
MD Studio A Tms GM
MD Studio B Cym GM
MD Studio B Hats GM
MD Studio B Kik GM
MD Studio B Kit GM
MD Studio B Rds GM
MD Studio B Ridecym GM
MD Studio B Snr GM
MD Studio B Tms GM
MD Towely Cym GM
MD Towely Hats GM
MD Towely Kik GM
MD Towely Kit GM
MD Towely Kit Hats GM
MD Towely Rds GM
MD Towely Ridecym GM
MD Towely Snr GM
MD Towely Tms GM
MD Twenty four 7 Cym GM
MD Twenty four 7 Hats GM
MD Twenty four 7 Kik GM
MD Twenty four 7 Kit GM
MD Twenty four 7 Rds GM
MD Twenty four 7 Ridecym GM
MD Twenty four 7 Snr GM
MD Twenty four 7 Tms GM
MD Wall of Snare Cym GM
MD Wall of Snare Hats GM
MD Wall of Snare Kik GM
MD Wall of Snare Kit GM
MD Wall of Snare Rds GM
MD Wall of Snare Ridecym GM
MD Wall of Snare Snr GM
MD Wall of Snare Tms GM
MD Which Cym GM
MD Which Hats GM
MD Which Kik GM
MD Which Kit GM
MD Which Rds GM
MD Which Ridecym GM
MD Which Snr GM
MD Which Tms GM
Monstrocity Cymbls
Monstrocity Hats
Monstrocity Kiks
Monstrocity Kit
Monstrocity Rides
Monstrocity Snr
Monstrocity Toms
Neo Cymbls
Neo Hats
Neo Kiks
Neo Kit
Neo Rides
Neo Snr
Neo Toms
Nice Ride Cymbls
Nice Ride Hats
Nice Ride Kiks
Nice Ride Kit
Nice Ride Rides
Nice Ride Snr
Nice Ride Toms
Nu Cymbls
Nu Hats
Nu Kiks
Nu Kit
Nu Rides
Nu Snr
Nu Toms
Nuke this Kit Cymbals MD
Nuke this Kit Hats MD
Nuke this Kit Kicks MD
Nuke this Kit Ridecym MD
Nuke this Kit Snares MD
Nuke this Kit Toms MD
Nuke this Kit
Paint Brush Cymbls
Paint Brush Hats
Paint Brush Kiks
Paint Brush Kit
Paint Brush Rides
Paint Brush Snares MD
Paint Brush Snr
Paint Brush Toms MD
Paint Brush Toms
Qualify Cymbls
Qualify Hats
Qualify Kiks
Qualify Kit
Qualify Rides
Qualify Snr
Qualify Toms
Rickel Lo Cymbls
Rickel Lo Hats MD
Rickel Lo Hats
Rickel Lo Kicks MD
Rickel Lo Kiks
Rickel Lo Kit
Rickel Lo Kit
Rickel Lo Rides
Rickel Lo Snares MDsxt
Rickel Lo Snr
Rickel Lo Toms
Riden Hour Cymbls
Riden Hour Hats
Riden Hour Kik
Riden Hour Kiks
Riden Hour Kit
Riden Hour Rides
Riden Hour Snr
Riden Hour Toms
Ring Out Cymbls
Ring Out Hats
Ring Out Kiks
Ring Out Kit
Ring Out Rides
Ring Out Snr
Ring Out Toms
Scrappy TAF Cymbls
Scrappy TAF Hats
Scrappy TAF Kiks
Scrappy TAF Kit
Scrappy TAF Rides
Scrappy TAF Snr
Scrappy TAF Toms
Shirley Cymbls
Shirley Hats
Shirley Kiks
Shirley Kit
Shirley Rides
Shirley Snr
Shirley Toms
Smackle Cymbls
Smackle Hats
Smackle Kiks
Smackle Kit
Smackle Rides
Smackle Snr
Smackle Toms
Studio A Cymbls
Studio A Hats
Studio A Kiks
Studio A Kit
Studio A Rides
Studio A Snr
Studio A Toms
Studio B Cymbls
Studio B Hats
Studio B Kiks
Studio B Kit
Studio B Rides
Studio B Snr
Studio B Toms
Tossed Pearls Brush SN
Towely Cymbls
Towely Hats
Towely Kiks
Towely Kit
Towely Rides
Towely Snr
Towely Toms
Twenty 4 7 Kit Cyms MD
Twenty four 7 Cymbls
Twenty four 7 Hats
Twenty four 7 Kiks
Twenty four 7 Kit
Twenty four 7 Rides
Twenty four 7 Snr
Twenty four 7 Toms
Wall of Snare Cymbls
Wall of Snare Hats
Wall of Snare Kiks
Wall of Snare Kit
Wall of Snare Rides
Wall of Snare Snr
Wall of Snare Toms
Which Cymbls
Which Hats
Which Kiks
Which Kit
Which Rides
Which Snr
Which Toms

Kapsules require Sonic Reality's Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt. 

This product does not include the Infinite Player.

To purchase the Infinite Player, please go to:

For information or assistance, please contact


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

Audio Demos

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