SR Essential Keyboards for SampleTank 3

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Product Information

SR Essential Keyboards is a premium collection custom-designed to supplement the factory library of SampleTank 3. Rather than just another library of assorted pianos and synths, these instruments have been specifically selected from the top shelf of the Sonic Reality sound vaults to enhance your SampleTank 3 tonal palette with no fluff, no filler, no extras. Just great, playable keyboard instruments that you can put to work in album projects, live gigs and scoring work right from first launch. All instruments have been programmed natively in SampleTank 3 format and include full macros and optimal use of SampleTank 3's amazing built-in effects.





20 Instruments in Native SampleTank 3 format:

Imperial Grand Light 1
Imperial Grand Light 2
Imperial Grand with Pad
Session Suitcase EP
Session Suitcase EP Chorus
Session Clavinet No Mod
Session Clavinet Flanger
Session Clavinet Phaser
Tonewheel Organ 2
Tonewheel Organ 4
Tron Strings
Tron Strings Slow
Tron Flute
Tron 8-Voice Choir
Tron 8-Voice Choir Slow
Tron Boys Choir
Tron Mixed Choir
Mini Synth Bass 1
Mini Synth Lead 1
Mini Synth Pad 1

Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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