Neil Peart Drums for SampleTank 3/4

The sounds and grooves from legendary Rush drummer

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Neil Peart Drums: Now put the sounds and grooves from legendary RUSH drummer Neil Peart into your recordings.

Neil Peart Drums sound and groove library for SampleTank 3 is a new meticulously recorded drum collection that includes over 2,000 drum samples and more than 800 audio grooves played by the legendary drummer of the iconic Canadian band, Rush, recently inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Neil Peart Drums was recorded by recent Rush producer, Nick Rasculinecz, along with IK US founder and executive producer, Dave Kerzner.  No expense was spared in miking this highly stylized drum kit, the actual set played by Neil on the Rush – Snakes and Arrows album and tour.

Every nuance of the kit is captured with 8 velocities per drum using as many as 8 round robins per velocity.

In addition to the full kit instrument, you get individual SampleTank instruments for his kick drums, snare drums, toms, hi-hats, ride cymbal and crash cymbals so that you can customize the sounds, adding effects and perform individual instrument processing on each element using multiple parts in SampleTank. Add some extra compression to the kick drum, a little more reverb to the snare drum, some high-end sizzle to the hi-hats, each without affecting the other elements of the kit.

All of the drums are mapped using an extended General MIDI mapping so you can mix-and-match kit elements from the Neil Peart Kit with elements from other SampleTank 3 factory drum kits or other drum libraries available in the Custom Shop like the new Billy Cobham Kit.

Neil Peart Drums also includes audio grooves played by Neil in the style of many of his favorite Rush songs. There are 17 instruments grouped as “songs,” complete with grooves, fills and accents and each at its own tempo. And thanks to SampleTank 3’s STRETCH engine, you can easily change the tempo of the audio grooves to match your recording without affecting the pitch of the drums.

Neil Peart Drums is perfect for rock, metal, jazz fusion, pop and nearly every kind of music where you a need clear, expressive punchy drum track that is well-articulated at every velocity.

So add legendary “rock & roll hall of fame” drum sound to your next recording with the new Neil Peart Drums for SampleTank 3,

available now in the IK Multimedia Store and SampleTank Custom Shop.


1 Multi:

Neil Peart Kit

10 Kit Instruments:

Neil Peart Kit
Neil Peart Eco Kit
Neil Peart Crush Room Kit
Neil Peart Kicks
Neil Peart Snares
Neil Peart Toms
Neil Peart Hi-Hats
Neil Peart Ride
Neil Peart Crashes
Neil Peart Hat, Ride and Cymbals

17 Loop Instruments:

Monkey Beats 166bpm
Tommy Groove 87bpm
Lime Groove 132bpm
Digital Beat 149bpm
Armor Grooves 102bpm
Cry Grooves 126bpm
Dream Grooves 146bpm
Free W 156bpm
Ghost Grooves 122bpm
Grace Groove 146bpm
MagNarc Grooves 113bpm
Missionary Groove 143bpm
Red B 146bpm
Spind Grooves 110bpm
Spirit Beats 135bpm
Subdivided Beats 134bpm
Victory Grooves 133bpm


Library size:

Over 2GB of content

2,000+ drum kit samples

800+ audio loops 



Demos 1-4 and 6 are MIDI tracks created by IK Multimedia

Demo 5 is a MIDI track by IK Multimedia mixed with the included audio loops from Neil Peart Drums

*Requires SampleTank 3 



Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

Audio Demos

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