Orchestral Brass Kapsule - Infinite Player Library for Kontakt

Infinite Player Library for Kontakt

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Product Information

*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

The Brass Kapsule library for the Infinite Player features instantly playable solo and ensemble brass featuring trumpets, trombones, French horns, tuba and more. Plenty of performance articulations such as sustained, portato, staccato, vibrato, muted, looped and non-looped full duration plus orchestral layers for a majestic symphonic sound. This collection of over 900 MB of sounds is suitable for many different styles of music from media composition to pop production and more.

This product is an Infinite Player library for Kontakt. You must have an installed and registered Infinite Player in order to use these sounds in Kontakt. Only one Infinite Player installation is necessary to run all of your Infinite Player libraries from Sonic Reality. Remember that while Kontakt Player itself is FREE from Native Instruments, these third party sounds do require a “gateway” for them to be authorized to be played in Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt. The gateway that unlocks Sonic Reality sounds is called the “Infinite Player.” You add the Infinite Player library into Kontakt, and then you authorize the library through the Native Instruments Service Center Application. You must have the Infinite Player in order to play Sonic Reality sounds.  If you do not already own Infinite Player, it can be purchased below.

Purchase Sonic Reality's Infinite Player

French Horns FF LP.nki
French Horns FF.nki
French Horns LP.nki
French Horns MT B.nki
French Horns MT Vel.nki
French Horns MT.nki
French Horns Mute LP.nki
French Horns Porta.nki
French Horns Stacc B.nki
French Horns Stacc MT.nki
French Horns Stacc Vel.nki
French Horns Stacc.nki
French Horns Vel LP.nki
French Horns Vel.nki
French Horns.nki
Trombones FF LP.nki
Trombones FF.nki
Trombones Mute B.nki
Trombones Mute LP.nki
Trombones Mute Vel.nki
Trombones Mute.nki
Trombones Porta.nki
Trombones Stacc B.nki
Trombones Stacc MT.nki
Trombones Stacc Vel.nki
Trombones Stacc.nki
Trombones Vel.nki
Trumpets B.nki
Trumpets LP.nki
Trumpets Mute B.nki
Trumpets Mute LP.nki
Trumpets Mute Vel.nki
Trumpets Mute.nki
Trumpets Porta .5 Sec.nki
Trumpets Porta 1.2 Sec.nki
Trumpets Porta 3 Sec.nki
Trumpets Porta Vel.nki
Trumpets Stacc .1 Sec.nki
Trumpets Stacc .3 Sec.nki
Trumpets Stacc MT.nki
Trumpets Stacc Vel.nki
Trumpets Vel.nki
Bass Tromb + LP.nki
Bass Tromb F Stacc.nki
Bass Tromb FF LP.nki
Bass Tromb FF.nki
Bass Tromb LP.nki
Bass Tromb Porta.nki
Bass Tromb Stacc B.nki
Bass Tromb Stacc Vel.nki
Bass Tromb Stacc.nki
Bass Tromb Vel.nki
Bass Tromb.nki
Flugelhorn Long LP.nki
Flugelhorn Long Vel.nki
Flugelhorn Long.nki
Flugelhorn Porta FF.nki
Flugelhorn Porta Vel.nki
Flugelhorn Porta.nki
Flugelhorn Stacc 2X.nki
French Horn + LP.nki
French Horn F LP.nki
French Horn F.nki
French Horn F+ LP.nki
French Horn FF LP.nki
French Horn FF.nki
French Horn Flutter LP.nki
French Horn Flutter.nki
French Horn LP.nki
French Horn Mute LP.nki
French Horn Mute.nki
French Horn Porta D.nki
French Horn Porta Vel.nki
French Horn Porta.nki
French Horn PP Vib LP.nki
French Horn PP Vib.nki
French Horn Stacc B.nki
French Horn Stacc Vel.nki
French Horn Stacc.nki
French Horn Vel LP.nki
French Horn Vel.nki
French Horn.nki
Trombone + LP.nki
Trombone B.nki
Trombone F Mute LP.nki
Trombone F Mute.nki
Trombone LP.nki
Trombone Porta Vel.nki
Trombone Porta.nki
Trombone Stacc 2.nki
Trombone Stacc Vel.nki
Trombone Stacc.nki
Trombone Vel.nki
Trumpet + LP.nki
Trumpet B.nki
Trumpet F Stacc.nki
Trumpet Mute LP.nki
Trumpet Mute.nki
Trumpet Porta 1.nki
Trumpet Porta 2.nki
Trumpet Porta LP.nki
Trumpet Porta Vel.nki
Trumpet Porta.nki
Trumpet Stacc 2.nki
Trumpet Stacc MT.nki
Trumpet Stacc Shrp.nki
Trumpet Stacc Vel.nki
Trumpet Stacc.nki
Trumpet Vel LP.nki
Trumpet Vel.nki
Tuba + LP.nki
Tuba FF.nki
Tuba Flutter.nki
Tuba Mute B.nki
Tuba Mute LP.nki
Tuba Mute Vel.nki
Tuba Mute.nki
Tuba Porta.nki
Tuba Stacc B.nki
Tuba Stacc MT.nki
Tuba Stacc Vel.nki
Tuba Stacc.nki
Tuba Vel.nki

Keyswitching is as follows, please note not all performances contain all the key switches

C0 - Looped Legato
C#0 - Unlooped Legato
D0 - Altnernate Legato (Porta or Non Vibrato)
D#0 - Alternate Legato Unlooped (Porta 2 or Non Vibrato NL)
E0 - Staccato
F0 - Pizzicato
F#0 - Staccato or Pizzicato or Short ALT
G0 - Tremolo
G#0 - Alternate Trem (Spiccato or other)
A0 - B0 Additional Performance Articulations

Kapsules require Sonic Reality's Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt. 

This product does not include the Infinite Player.

To purchase the Infinite Player, please go to:


For more information, please visit sonicreality.com or email support@esoundz.com


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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