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Sampletank 2.5 Expansion

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Revisiting a popular classic SampleTank Expansion, Bass Collection 2 combines the best of the original collection plus additional bass sounds from Sonic Reality’s Bass Guitar Capsule all together in one jam-packed library. With over 500 patches this collection of multi-sampled bass sounds gives you the bottom end power to run through effects like Ampeg® SVX for the ultimate virtual bass rig or with SampleTank’s diverse range of built-in effects. From Jazz Fretless to vintage P-Bass, Ricky 4001, violin basses and more this classic collection is a must-have for any SampleTank user.

Parent Patches:

4001 Harmonics
Zing Bass
4002 Pick Bass
Acoustic In Room
Bass Harmonic Tap
Bass Harmonics
Bass Tap
Beatles 45 Bass
Bourbon Bass
Candy B
Choruswah Bass
Chpman Stick
Comp Bass
Cranberry Sauce
CrunchTremLeslee Bass
Cussive Bass
Daves Bass1 2D
Daves Bass2 2D
DblBs 4 Fingered P
Don t Stand Bass
Double Bass 2
Dynamic Acoustic Bass
Env Fretless
Espresso Bass
Ever-elasting Bass
Filocta Bass
Finger Bass 2
Fish Out of Water
Flangea Bass
Flippin Crazy Bass MW
Fragile Bass
Fretless 1
Fretless Express
Fretless FiltMW
Full Bass
Funk Mama Bass
Funk Mama
Funk Pop Bass
Funkybot Slap
FunkyBs 2Shrt
FunkyBs 2Slap
FunkyBs Pop
Fuzz Bucket
Happy Bass
Hard Nose Bass
HF Bass Slide
Hfn Bass Slide
Hofnr Amp Bass
Hofnr Bass
Hofnr Beatle
J Yo B of A
J-Bass Fngfl
J-Bass Fngrd
J-Bass Harmnx
J-Bass Picfl
J-Bass Pickd
Jaco Bass
Jason Fretless
Jazz Bass Pick 3
Jazz Bass Pick D
Jazzbs Fngrd
Jazzbs Pickd
Jazzy Fingers
JF Bass
JF Round Bass
JFBass Up 1
JS Fretless 4
JS Fretless 22
JS Fretless Up
JS Frt Up 2D
JS Frtls 2D Perf1
JS Frtls 2D
JS Harmonics
K5 St Fng 2DPrf1
K5 Str Bs FretNz
K5 Str Bs Noises
K5 Str Bs Riffs
K5 Str Bs Short F
K5 Str Bs Short MF
K5 Str Bs Sldups
K5 Str Fng 2D
K5 Str Fng F
K5 Str Fng MF
K5 Str Harmnx
K5 Str Pck F
K5 Str Pck MF
Large Mouth Bass
Liquid Upright
Meat T Bass
Monster Taurus
Muffle Moo Po Po Bass
Muffled Love Bass
Mute Filt 4 Wilt
No No Ma Listen to Me
No Pick Here Bass
Not Fretless
Organicly Grown Bass
P Bass + PK
P Bass and Harmonics
P Bass Fing
P Bass+PK-H2
P Bass+PK-HM
PBass 2D Fngr
PBass 2D Pckd
PBass F Hrmnx
PBass Fingered
PBass L Fingered
PBass L Picked
PBass P Hrmnx
PBass Pick 2Dyn AMPED
PBass Picked
PBass Pulled
PBassH Fngrd
PBassH Pickd
PBassL Fngrd
PBassL Pickd
Phat Bass Player
Pick it up
Picked Bass 1
Picked Bass 2
Picked Bass 2D
Picked Bass and Harmonics
PJ Snazzy Jeff
Poppa Funk
Pull Bass
Red Barchetta
Rick4 Pick 2Dyn Bass
Ricky 4001 Pc
Ricky Bass
Ricky Bass2
Ricky Don t Chorus
Ricky Hrmnx
Rky12 Dn 2Dyn wHarm
Rob's Angular Bass
Rogby Dangerstein
Round Bass
Round Ricky
Rounder Bass
Scheff on the Lake
Scunge Velocity
Serious Pull
Shiptar Bass
Sixties Paul
Slap Bass 1
Slick Daddy Bass
Slinky B
Smoov Jazz
Squire Bass
Stacata Bass
Stand Up
Stick Twang Notes
Studio Bass
Sub Maroon
Talking Bass
That's Just Mean
The Gearling
Throat Bass
Thumb Thy Bass
Thwonk Bass
Tin Can Funk
Track Bass
Trippy Echoes
Underwater Bass
Up Bass
Upright Bass 3D
Upright Bass
Upright Bassness
Velcussive Bass
Velo Le Fret
Waiting Bass
Warm Record Bass
Waterly Bass
Wicked Wet Willy
Wobbly Bass
Wooow Bass

Child Patches:

2002 Pick Bass Comp
Zip Bass
4001 Bass 0dysee
4001 Harmonics 2
4001 Harmonics Prod
4002 Pick Bass 2
4070s Bass
A Lil Crunch and Slap
Acoustic in a Big Room
At Most Bass Kfive
Bass Harmonic Tap Comp
Bass Harmonic Tap FX1
Bass Harmonics 2 Comp
Bass Harmonics 2 Fx1
Bass Harmonics 2
Bass Tap Fx1
Bass Tap Fx2
Bassment 2 Comp
Bassment 2
Beatles 45 Bass 2 Comp
Beatles 45 Bass 2
Bourbon Bass Comp
Bourbon Swirl
Cab Funk Bass
Candy B 2 Comp
Candy B 2
Choruswah Bass 2 Comp
Choruswah Bass 2
Chpman Stick FX1
Chpman Stick FX2
Comp Bass Fx1
Contrabass 2 Fx1
Contrabass 2
Cranberry Sauce 2 Comp
Cranberry Sauce 2
Crunch TremLeslee Bass 2
Crunch TremLeslee Comp
Cunch and Munch Bass
Cussive Bass 2 Comp
Cussive Bass 2
Cussive Bass Fx1
Daves Bass1 2D FX1
Daves Bass1 2D FX2
Daves Bass2 2D FX1
Daves Bass2 2D FX2
Dbl Bass Comped
DblBs 4 Fingered P FX1
DblBs 4 Fingered P FX2
Dbled Hofnr
Deep Jas Fret
Deep Phase Here
Deeplite Flng PBs
Dirty Chow Bass
Dirty Vinyl Acoustic
Dlyd Pb
Dont Stand Bass 2
Double Bass 2 FX1
Double Bass 2 FX2
Driving A Pulling Cab
Dynamic Acoustic Bass Comp
Dynamic Acoustic Bass Fx1
Env Fretless 2 Fx1
Env Fretless 2
Espresso Bass 2 Comp
Espresso Bass 2
Espresso Bass Fx1
EtherBassmonix 2
Ever-elasting Bass 2 Fx1
Ever-elasting Bass 2
Filocta Bass 2
Filocta Bass Fx1
Filocta Bass Fx2
Filtr Hrm
Finger Bass 2 FX1
Finger Bass 2 FX2
Fingered Funk
Fish Out of Water 2
Flangea Bass 2 Comp
Flangea Bass 2
FlawinDly K5
Flippin Crazier Bass MW
Flippin Crazy Bass MW 2
Flippin Crazy Bass MW Comp
Flng K5
Flnged JS
Follow The Fur
Fragile Bass 2 Comp
Fragile Bass 2
Fretless 1 FX1
Fretless 1 FX2
Fretless Express 2 Comp
Fretless Express 2
Fretless FiltMW 2 Comp
Fretless FiltMW 2
Full Bass 2 Comp
Full Bass 2
Full n Thin PB
FullLiveRig P
Funk Mama 2 Comp
Funk Mama 2
Funk Mama Bass FX1
Funk Mama Bass FX2
Funk Pop Bass 2 Comp
Funk Pop Bass 2
Funk Pop Bass Fx1
Funkybot Slap 2 Comp
Funkybot Slap 2
Funkybot Slap Fx1
FunkyBs 2Shrt FX1
FunkyBs 2Shrt FX2
FunkyBs 2Slap FX1
FunkyBs 2Slap FX2
FunkyBs Pop FX1
FunkyBs Pop FX2
FurBass FX1
Furbass FX2
Fuzz Bucket 2 Comp
Fuzz Bucket 2
Gritty JBass Fng
Happy Bass 2 Comp
Happy Bass 2
Hard Hmr K5
Hard Nose Bass 2 Comp
Hard Nose Bass 2
HarmVerb PB
HF Bass SLide FX1
HF Bass Slide FX2
Hfn Bass Slide Comp
Hofnr Amp Bass FX1
Hofnr Amp Bass FX2
Hofnr Bass FX1
Hofnr Bass FX2
Hofnr Beatle 2 Comp
Hofnr Beatle 2 Fx1
Hofnr Beatle 2
J Hrmx Dly
J Yo B of A 2 Comp
J Yo B of A 2
J Yo B of A Fx1
J-Bass Fngfl FX1
J-Bass Fngfl FX2
J-Bass Fngrd FX1
J-Bass Fngrd FX2
J-Bass Harmnx FX1
J-Bass Harmnx FX2
J-Bass Picfl FX1
J-Bass Picfl FX2
J-Bass Pickd FX1
J-Bass Pickd FX2
Jaco Bass FX1
Jaco Bass FX2
Jason Fretless FX1
Jason Fretless FX2
Jazz Bass Pick 3 FX1
Jazz Bass Pick 3 FX2
Jazz Bass Pick D FX1
Jazz Bass Pick D FX2
Jazz Dbl Club
Jazzbs Fngrd FX1
Jazzbs Fngrd FX2
Jazzbs Pickd FX1
Jazzbs Pickd FX2
Jazzy Fingers 2 Comp
Jazzy Fingers 2
Jazzy Wah Fingers
JB Picked Hard
JBF Flngrd
JF Bass FX1
JF Bass FX2
JF Bass Up 1 FX2
JF Round Bass Cabinet
JF Round Bass Comp
JFBass Up1 FX1
JS Fretless 4 FX1
JS Fretless 4 FX2
JS Fretless 22 FX1
JS Fretless 22 FX2
JS Fretless Up FX1
JS Fretless Up FX2
JS Frtls 2D FX1
JS Frtls 2D FX2
JS Frtls 2D Perf1 FX1
JS Frtls 2D Perf1 FX2
JS Frtls Up 2D FX1
JS Frtls Up 2D FX2
JS Harmonics FX1
JS Harmonics FX2
JS OvrDrv
JZ Wah K5
K Str Fng MF FX2
K Str Pck MF FX1
K5 Crunch
K5 Killer Trem
K5 St Fng 2DPrf1 FX1
K5 St Fng 2DPrf1 FX2
K5 Str Bs Short F FX1
K5 Str Bs Short F FX2
K5 Str Bs Short MF FX1
K5 Str Bs Short MF FX2
K5 Str Bs Sldups FX1
K5 Str Bs Sldups FX2
K5 Str Fng 2D FX1
K5 Str Fng 2D FX2
K5 Str Fng F FX1
K5 Str Fng F FX2
K5 Str Fng MF FX1
K5 Str Harmnx FX1
K5 Str Harmnx FX2
K5 Str Pck F FX1
K5 Str Pck F FX2
K5 Str Pck MF FX2
Large Mouth Bass 2 Comp
Large Mouth Bass 2
Limit J Picked
Liquid Upright 2 Comp
Liquid Upright 2 Fx1
Liquid Upright 2
Little JF Bass
LotsaVerb JF
LowLow PB
Make Me Talk Up Right
Meat T Bass 2 Comp
Meat T Bass 2
Meat T Trem Bass
Mello KelloFIve
MinorT NS
Monster in the Bassment
Monster Taurus 2 Comp
Monster Taurus 2
Muffle Moo Po Po 2
Muffle Moo Po Po Comp
Muffle Moo Po Po Fx1
Muffled Love Bass 2 Comp
Muffled Love Bass 2
Mute Filt 4 Wilt 2
Mute Filt 4 Wilt Fx1
Mute Filt Wilt 2 Comp
Nasty Fragile
No No Ma Listen to Me #903
No No Ma Listen to Me 2
No No Ma Listen to My Cab
No Pick Here Bass FX1
No Pick Here Bass FX2
Not Distorted
Not Fretless FX1
Not Fretless FX2
Octabass 2 Comp
Octabass 2 Fx1
Octabass 2
OD Comp Bass
Off Track Bassing
Old Cranberry Sauce
Old Pick Up
Organicly Grown Bass 2
Organicly Grown Bass 2#28D
P Bass and Harmnx 2 Cab
P Bass and Harmnx 2 Comp
P Bass and Harmnx 2
P Bass Fing 2 Comp
P Bass Fing 2
P Bass Fing Fx1
P Bass PK FX1
P Bass PK FX2
P Bass PK H2 FX1
P Bass PK HM FX1
P Bass PK HM FX2
PBass 2D Fngr FX1
PBass 2D Fngr FX2
PBass 2D Fngr.sth
PBass 2D Fngr.sti
PBass 2D Pckd FX1
PBass 2D Pckd FX2
PBass F Hrmnx FX1
PBass F Hrmnx FX2
PBass Fingered FX1
PBass Fingered FX2
PBass H Fngrd FX1
PBass L Fingered FX1
PBass L Fingered FX2
PBass L Picked FX1
PBass L PIcked FX2
PBass P Hrmnx FX1
PBass P Hrmnx FX2
PBass Pick 2Dyn AMPED.sth
PBass Pick 2Dyn AMPED.sti
PBass Picked FX1
PBass Picked FX2
PBass PK H2 FX2
PBass Pulled FX1
PBass Pulled FX2
PBass Trem
PBassH Fngrd FX2
PBassH Pickd FX1
PBassH Pickd FX2
PBassL Fngrd FX1
PBassL Fngrd FX2
PBassL Pickd FX1
PBassL Pickd FX2
PBassPHrmnx FX1
PBassPHrmnx FX2
PBassSXPickd FX1
PBassSXPickd FX2
PBassXSFngrd FX1
PBassXSFngrd FX2
Phat Bass Player 2 Comp
Phat Bass Player 2
Phat Bass Player Fx1
Pick it up FX1
Pick it up FX2
Pick your filter
Picked Bass 1 FX1
Picked Bass 1 FX2
Picked Bass 2 FX1
Picked Bass 2 FX2
Picked Bass 2D FX1
Picked Bass 2D FX2
Picked Bass and Harmnx Cab
Picked Bass and Harmnx#28B
Picked Bass and Hrmnx 2
PJ Snazzy Jeff 2 Cab
PJ Snazzy Jeff 2 Comp
PJ Snazzy Jeff 2
Poppa Funk 2 Comp
Poppa Funk 2
Poppa Funk Monster
Pops In Trem
PracAmpWah k5
Precision 2 Comp
Precision 2 Fx1
Precision 2
Proccessed PBass
Pull Bass FX1
Pull Bass FX2
Pulled and Blended PB
Push And Pick
Radio Fuzz JBP 3
Real Distro Jaco
Red Barchetta 2 Comp
Red Barchetta 2
RevChain K5
RevHall JFBass Up 1
Rickiohead 2
Rickiohead 2x Meaner
Ricky 4001 Pc FX1
Ricky 4001 Pc FX2
Ricky Bass FX1
Ricky Bass FX2
Ricky Bass2 FX1
Ricky Bass2 FX2
Ricky Dont Chorus 2 Comp
Ricky Dont Chorus 2
Ricky Hrmnx FX1
Ricky Hrmnx FX2
Right in the K5
Robs Angular Bass 2
Rogby Dangerstein 2 Comp
Rogby Dangerstein 2
Rogby Dangerstein Fx1
Round Bass FX1
Round Bass FX2
Round Ricky 2 Cab
Round Ricky 2 Comp
Round Ricky 2
Rounder Bass 2
Rounder Bass.sth
Rounder Bass.sti
Rounder then Round Bass
Ruff n Dbl K5
Scheff on the Lake 2 Cab
Scheff on the Lake 2 Comp
Scheff on the Lake 2
Scunge Velocity 2 Comp
Scunge Velocity 2
Scunge Velocity Fx2
Serious Ampage
Serious Pull FX1
Serious Pull FX2
Shiptar Bass 2 Comp
Shiptar Bass 2
Shiptar Bass Fx1
Sixties Paul 2 Comp
Sixties Paul 2
Sixties Paul Crunch
Slap Bass 1 FX1
Slap Bass 1 FX2
Slick Daddy Bass 2 Cab
Slick Daddy Bass 2 Comp
Slick Daddy Bass 2
SlightlyOlder Upright
SlightWah K5
Slinky B 2
Slinky B.sth
Slinky B.sti
Smoov Jazz 2 Comp
Smoov Jazz 2
Smoov Jazz Cab
Squire Bass 2 Comp
Squire Bass 2
Squire Bass Fx1
SrvrDstrtn in 4001
Stand Up 2
Stand Up Cab
Stand Up Comp
Stick Flanger
Studio Bass 2 Comp
Studio Bass 2
Studio Wah Bass
Stung 2 Comp
Stung 2
Stung Tremolo Bass
Sub Js
Sub Maroon 2 Comp
Sub Maroon 2
Sub Maroon Filt
Subterrain 2 Comp
Subterrain 2
Subterrainean Grumble
Subtonium 2 Comp
Subtonium 2
Subtonium Cab
Super Slinky Bass
Super Wobbly Bass
Talking Bass 2 Comp
Talking Bass 2
Talking K5
Thats Just Mean 2 Comp
Thats Just Mean 2
The Gearling 2 Comp
The Gearling 2
The Gearling Cab
Thin In Some Way k5
Throat Bass 2 Comp
Throat Bass 2
Thwonk Bass 2 Comp
Thwonk Bass 2
Thwonk Wah
Tin Can Funk 2 Comp
Tin Can Funk 2
Tremore PB
TremRo JS
Trippier Echoes
Trippy Echoes 2
Ugly Monster Taurus
Underwater Bass 2 Comp
Underwater Bass 2
Up Bass 2 Comp
Up Bass 2 Fx1
Up Bass 2
Upright Bassness 2 Comp
Upright Bassness 2 Tone
Upright Bassness 2
Uprighteous 2 Comp
Uprighteous 2
Velcussive Bass 2 Comp
Velcussive Bass 2
Velcussive Bass Cab
Velo Le Fret 2 Comp
Velo Le Fret 2
Velo Le Fret Fx1
Wah 2 Slap
Waiting Bass 2 Comp
Waiting Bass 2 Fx1
Waiting Bass 2
Warm Record Bass 2 Comp
Warm Record Bass 2
Warm Record Bass Vinyl
Warm Upright Gone Wrong
Waterly Bass 2 Comp
Waterly Bass 2 Fx1
Waterly Bass 2
Wet Dave Bass
Wicked Wet Willy 2 Comp
Wicked Wet Willy 2
Wicked Wet Willy Went Wild
Wobbly Bass 2 Comp
Wobbly Bass 2
WobnBob Js
Wooow Bass 2 Comp
Wooow Bass 2
Wooow Wah Bass
XXX FretnChor

Size: 651 MB
Number of Sounds: 189 Sample based sounds (parent)
511 Preset sounds (child)

Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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