Acoustic Drums Collection 2 SampleTank Expansion

Sampletank 2.5 Expansion

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Revisiting a best-selling classic Sonic Reality SampleTank Expansion, Acoustic Drums 2 combines the best of the original collection of expressive iMap drum kits (Sonic Reality’s proprietary drum map for enhanced realism for acoustic drums) with universally compatible General MIDI kits taken from their Studio Drum Capsule all together in one powerful MIDI playable drum collection. If you’re looking for more studio acoustic drum sounds for SampleTank at one and a half gigabytes this collection represents huge value! Acoustic Drums 2 is suitable for many styles of music ranging from Rock to Pop, Country, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B and more.

GM Drum Kit
Parent Patches:

2D Jasound Kit GM
2D Live room Kit 1 GM
2D HJ Bon em Kit GM
2D Clinky Kit GM
2D Brushez Kit GM
2D Twenty four 7 Kit GM
2D Real Alter Kit GM
2D Ring Out Kit GM
2D Brushez 2 Kit GM
2D Beautiful Baby GM
2D Rickel Lo Kit GM
2D Studio B Kit GM
2D Nuke this Kit GM
2D Matrix Kit GM
2D iLike Kit GM
2D Smackle Kit GM
2D Full hist Kit GM
2D Brushit Kit GM
2D MaxiKit GM
2D Fes Oundz Kit GM
2D Towely Kit GM
2D Scrappy TAF Kit GM
2D Monstrocity Kit GM
2D Studio A Kit GM
2D Qualify Kit GM
2D Live room Kit 2 GM
2D Riden Hour Kit GM
2D Lasso Kit GM
2D Alta Kit GM
2D Which Kit GM
2D Nice Ride Kit GM
2D A Plus Kit GM
2D Wall of Snare Kit GM
2D Add Terisk Kit GM
2D Funk E Kit GM
2D Paint Brush Kit GM
2D Brushez 3 Kit GM
2D Shirley Kit GM
2D Neo Kit GM
2D Lick Kit GM
2D Intellekt Kit GM

IMAP Drum Kit
Parent Patches:

Sweet Candy Kit
In the Can lite
Loose AcousKit lite
In the Can
Lively Kit lite
Geno Mando Kit lite
Ludvig The Duck lite
Snazzy Kit lite
Weckeld B Proud
Nature's Kit
Tight Dry Kit lite
SmoovGroovekit lite
Ludvig The Duck
Compin Kit lite
Loose AcousKit
Compin Kit
Snazzy Kit
Hyperdriven Kit1 lite
Progconfusion lite
Roto Kit lite
Simple Kit lite
Lively Kit
Roto Kit
Sweet Candy Kit lite
Nature Kit lite
Big Bon Kit
Bon Kit
Tight Dry Kit
Geno Mando Kit
Mutha Kerz Kit lite
Weckeld B Proud lite
Ring Go
Simple Kit
Hyperdriven Kit1
Mutha Kerz Kit
Nick Collins

GM Drum Kit
Child Patches:

2D Twenty 4 7 Prod Kit GM
2D Funk E Kit GM
2D Live Room Produced 2 GM
2D Brushez Producer Kit GM
2D Smackle Kit Produced GM
2D Scrappy TAF Prod Kit GM
2D Lick Kit Produced GM
2D Brush Over-verb GM
2D Lasso Kit Produced GM
2D Studio A Prod Kit GM
2D Jasound Kit Produced GM
2D Maxikit Prod Kit gM
2D HJ Bon em Kit Prod GM
2D Full Hist Prod Kit GM
2D Monstrocity Kit Prod GM
2D Brushez 3 Prod Kit GM
2D Alta Filt Kit GM
2D A Plus Producer Kit GM
2D Brushit Kit Produced GM
2D Wall of Snr Kit Prod GM
2D Clinky Dinky Kit GM
2D Add Terisk Produced GM
2D Paint Brush Prod Kit GM
2D Rickel Lo Prod Kit GM
2D Intellekt Kit Prod GM
2D Ring Out Prod Kit GM
2D A Plus Phaser Kit GM
2D Qualify Kit Produced GM
2D Add Terisk OD Prod GM
2D Brushez 2 Kit Prod GM
2D Studio B Prod Kit GM
2D Riden Hour Prod Kit GM
2D Towely Produced Kit GM
2D Real Alter Prod Kit GM
2D Full Chorus Hist Kit GM
2D Shirley Produced Kit GM
2D Nuke This Prod Kit GM
2D Beautiful Prod Baby GM
2D Fes Oundz Prod Kit GM
2D Funk E Kit Produced GM
2D alta Kit Produced GM
2D Live Room 1 Produced GM
2D Beautiful Baby Prod GM
2D Beautiful LoFi Baby GM
2D iLike Kit Produced GM
2D Neo Kit Produced GM
2D Matrix Produced Kit GM
2D Nice Ride Kit Prod GM
2D Which Kit Produced GM
2D Clinky Kit Produced GM

IMAP Drum Kit
Child Patches:

Decay Geno
Monsters Are Us
Out there Kit
Weckld B 2
Progconfuse 2
Geno Mangle Kit
SmoovGroove 2
Smack Tight Mutha
Phase Geno Fast
Sweet Candy MW
Lo Heavy Rote
Hopin Delay
Slow it Down More
Snazzy 2
Can Utility
Ludvig 2
Slow It Down
Beat Kit
TIght Jazzer
Traish Cain
Geno Flangicello
When Your Levis Break
Compin Kit 2
Big Rote
Kick the Can
Geno Mandocello
Low Meaty Kit
Simple Kit 2
Pedal Rotos
Nature Car Wash
All Vel Pitchy Kit
Nature Comp
Hyperdriven 2
Roto Kit 2
Tight Outboard Kit
Hopster Kit
Limited Lofi
Live Dry Kit
Tight Kit 2
Mutha Kerz 2
Alright Now
Nature Vinyl
Crazy Pitchfilty
Lively Kit 2
Nature Run
Nature Kit 2
Slightly Gated ND Kit
Left Side Of The Ring
Follow The Bees Kit
Bon Kit Cmp
GrandMutha Kit
Holy Moly
Man Oh Man
Hyper Drive 3
Lofi MW Candy Kit
Tighter Than TAF
Tiny Filtdrive
In the Can 2
Intruder Alert
Other Record Loose
Kashmirian Phase Kit
Loose Acoust 2

Size: 1.5 GB
Number of Sounds: 79 Sample based sounds (parent)
116 Preset sounds (child)

Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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