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A whole new world of sounds at your fingertips


SampleTank 3 Standalone

What’s New


  • Over 33 GB of included sounds
  • Over 4,000 new instruments with 21 instrument categories covering the entire span of acoustic, electric and electronic sounds
  • Over 2,500 drum, percussion and full construction-kit loops played by world-renowned artists
  • Over 2,000 MIDI files in all categories


  • Completely redesigned interface with 3 main environments: PlayMix and Edit that retain SampleTank’s legendary ease-of-use and fast operation
  • 16 channel multi-part Play interface with easy layering and an integrated MIDI player and mixer
  • All-in-one sound Edit page with 3 sample engines (including formant preserving pitch-shifting and time-stretching engines), 10 filter types and 8 macro controls per instrument for quick multi-parameter editing
  • "Round robin" and multiple articulations that are triggerable via key switch, modulation wheel or velocity
  • Multi-channel mixer-like Mix interface with 5 insert effects per channel, 4 stereo effect returns (with 5 insert effects each) and a master channel with 5 insert effects that allow for up to 30 effects per instrument
  • 55 high-quality integrated effects, including 22 new effects for mixing, mastering and more creative applications derived from IK’s studio-grade T-RackS and AmpliTube production software
  • New Live mode lets you organize sounds for setlist and song for instant recall during performance
  • Accurate 3D renderings of instruments for easy identification and recall
  • Available as standalone and 64-bit plug-in for AAX, VST and Audio Units platforms on Mac OS X and Windows
  • Compatible with all previous “Powered by SampleTank” sound modules and sounds (can import all previous sounds and Combis)

SampleTank — the industry standard sound workstation that’s made history

In 2001, IK Multimedia made history with SampleTank, the first ever sample-based sound workstation for computer. That release was followed in 2003 by SampleTank 2, which has since become an industry standard with an unparalleled software longevity due to its high-quality sounds, easy-to-use interface and powerful included effects. Considering its versatility and power, it's no wonder that SampleTank has been featured on thousands of the most iconic productions and compositions of the last decade.

Now, over ten years in the making, SampleTank 3 builds on this storied heritage. Like its predecessors, it's the most advanced sound workstation available on the market today with a whole new world of sounds, advanced playing and editing features and a full suite of studio-quality effects. SampleTank 3 builds on the features that have made it one of the most popular virtual instruments of all time making it an essential piece in the musical toolkit of any serious musician, studio producer or live performer for years to come.



A sound for every song, literally

What makes SampleTank 3 so powerful is its extraordinarily large sound library. SampleTank 3 now comes with over 33 gigabytes of professionally recorded instruments — that’s over 4,000 instruments in 21 instrument categories — far more than most other music workstations out-of-the-box. Plus, SampleTank 3 includes over 2,500 drums, percussion and full groove construction kit loops and over 2,000 MIDI patterns for its brand new MIDI player section.

These sounds are far from ordinary; SampleTank 3's library has been carefully assembled and recorded by IK's experienced recording engineers with high-quality instruments played by professional musicians in some of the world's finest studios. Each instrument has been chosen and recorded to produce the rich depth and vivid realism of live playing. With SampleTank 3, you'll swear a musician is in the room with you — more importantly, though, is that SampleTank 3's powerful editing and effects features let you control every aspect of these sounds allowing for an unparalleled creative sonic experience.

Though SampleTank 3 features a massive quantity of quality content — with a variety that far surpasses similar workstations — its real forte is the quality of its sounds which accurately replicate all the qualities of your favorite instruments. Its pianos, drums, basses, guitars, synthesizers, brass, strings, vocals and other more exotic sounds shine brightly in any mix with little adjustment. And all this is available in an easy-to-use workstation that has a workflow that lets you get right into doing what you do best: making great sounding music.

That SampleTank 3 is "Made in Italy" ought to give you an idea of the dedicated craftsmanship and style at the heart of the program. It’s an extensive selection of samples that have been hand-crafted, one-by-one, after countless hours of passionate studio work by IK's master sound engineers — it's more than just a collection of sounds, it's an all-in-one solution and toolbox that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of music producers.

It doesn t matter what style of music you re into: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, House—SampleTank 3 can do it all.

SampleTank’s secret weapon:
the engine

SampleTank has long been considered the undisputed king when it comes to resampling. Its 3 engines go beyond traditional resampling (which you can find in any sampler). It offers advanced pitch-shifting/time-stretching for loops and grooves. And its unique formant preserving STRETCH™ engine provides an unparalleled level of realism when dealing with vocals, woodwinds, brass, and other organic sounds. When used together these features allow for a virtually unlimited assortment of creative sample effect combinations.

Completely retooled and remade, SampleTank 3's new software engine has been greatly enhanced while maintaing its traditional quick sample load times and light CPU usage.

Experience enhanced playability with SampleTank 3's new "round robin" sample switching — it's there to lend an organic "live" feeling to your playing by cycling through different samples of the same instrument. Coupled with SampleTank 3's new multiple articulations — triggerable via key switch, modulation wheel or velocity — this provides maximum realism on highly expressive instruments like guitars, woodwinds, percussion, brass, and more. When used correctly these new features can make SampleTank 3's sound indistinguishable from the real thing.

Now SampleTank 3 ushers in 10 new types of filter effects which includes spot-on emulations of some of the most historically significant analog ladder and phaser filters.

SampleTank 3 also enhances your editing workflow by centralizing all control in one easy to use interface. Whatever your creative audio needs may be, SampleTank 3 delivers with stunning precision, accuracy and ease.

And if you are not particularly technologically minded (or an advanced producer), no problem! Now SampleTank 3 offers 8 macro control knobs for every sound. IK Multimedia's sound designers have already pre-programmed complex parameters chains so you have all the controls you need arranged in a way that lets you quickly and effortlessly create the sounds you need.


Play Patterns

Get in the groove

Now you can get your groove on with SampleTank 3’s new built-in MIDI engine. Use hundreds of grooves, patterns and loops to build killer rhythmic tracks that you can easily sync together — you can even export them to your DAW.

SampleTank 3's multi-part pattern player can hold up to 128 simultaneous MIDI patterns in each of its 16 parts. This allows for extensive control of intensity, transposition and quantization. SampleTank 3 lets you use the included ore-made patterns and loops to come up with complex and inspiring rhythmic textures and beats on the fly. These grooves are lifelike and highly professional, and that's because SampleTank 3's rhythm section has been recorded by some of the finest world-renowned drummers and percussionists. Now you can have great sounding, pro-quality grooves right from the start.

And when you want to further refine your patterns and use them in your sequencer, simply drag them to your DAW to use them from there.


An effects powerhouse

A large part of SampleTank's long-standing popularity has been its suite of built-in effects, a feature that owes a lot to IK Multimedia’s reputation for top-quality audio effects. SampleTank 3 continues this legacy with a significant amount of new features.

The heart of this is its new intuitive and realistic mixer-like interface. Presented like a traditional mixer, it offers 16 instrument channels that each feature 5 insert effect slots and 4 stereo effect returns plus a Master Channel with 5 effect slots. Using these effects can quickly be inserted, bypassed, previewed and edited without leaving the main mixer menu. This powerful effects routing system allows for up to 30 effects to be applied to a single SampleTank sound for a truly mind blowing assortment of creative sound design possibilities.

On top of that, the internal multi­-effects selection now contains 55 high-quality effects with 22 brand-new effects derived from the best analog-modeled algorithms and convolution technology found in AmpliTube and T­RackS plus brand new effects developed just for SampleTank 3.

With the new additions, SampleTank 3 is the only virtual instrument that gives you a world of sound plus IK Multimedia's legendary outboard processors, instrument-specific studio effects and hard-to-find analog vintage effects. And it's all in the same easy to use workstation. SampleTank 3 lets you add powerful powerful vintage-modeled effects from AmpliTube like the classics Chorus1, UniV and TapeEcho to your keyboard and bass samples. Try AmpliTube's exquisitely modeled rotary speaker on your organ tones. Punch up your drums with T-RackS outboard processors like the Black 76, White 2A and Model 670. And make your grand pianos sparkle with the all-new soundboard resonance, piano lid control and convolution-based reverb.

All this is to say that SampleTank 3 is more than just its voluminous library of samples: it's a full-featured workstation — with a massive assortment of high-quality effects — at only a fraction of the price of what it d take to amass a similar library with other virtual instruments.



The live workstation

For years, SampleTank has been the workstation of choice for live performance on stage with laptop. Now, SampleTank 3 is an even better choice thanks to its new live feature.

Now you can organize your set lists and song sounds within SampleTank 3 for instant recall with direct on-screen selection or MIDI Program Changes.

SampleTank features an innovative memory management system so you can pre-load sounds into RAM according to your gig set list. This allows for all sounds you need during your live performance to be immediately available, no loading time when switching sounds!



Sounds beautiful, looks beautiful

SampleTank has always been very easy to use and this is a key point also for SampleTank 3. It features a beautiful, uncluttered look that's sure to please both your ears and your eyes. And now SampleTank 3 is more visually appealing than ever with each main instrument depicted in 3D for immediate visual reference and instant recognition. This, together with its smart design workflow - separated into its 3 main interfaces Play, Mix and Edit - makes learning and working with SampleTank 3 a breeze — you'll be up and making music in minutes.

Acoustic Drums Electronic Drums Bass Synth Bass Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar Piano Electric Piano Organ Chromatic
Strings Brass Woodwinds Synth Lead Synth Pad
Voices Ethnic Percussion Sound FX Loops
22 New Effects

Tape Echo

Vintage EQ-1A

Plate Reverb

Hall Reverb

Model 670

Black 76

White 2A

Electric Flanger

Small Phazer


Chorus C1

Opto Tremolo


American Vintage-T

British Tube-Lead-2

Modern Tube-Lead

SVT Classic

Jazz Amp 120


Stereo Imager

Acoustic Resonance

Piano Lid


The power of sound

The reason SampleTank has remained an industry standard after all these years is due to its superior sound quality, extensive variety and ease of use. With its easy-to-use interface, all the sounds you need are just a click away.

SampleTank 3 pushes this even further by giving you an even wider selection of quality sounds that stretch across every possible category. Not so with competing products, which often provide just one set of instrument samples — their additional "instruments" are generally just alternate programmings of the same worn-out sounds hidden behind different effects, filters and envelopes. Instead, SampleTank 3 provides multiple sample sets in each category which then have various programming variations under each unique instrument.

This puts SampleTank 3's library — with its unparalled depth and variety — on a much higher level than any other similar instrument on the market today.

Acoustic Drums

For those who want to pick up a drum and start grooving, SampleTank 3 features 5 all-new multi-velocity acoustic drumkits, each of which has been sampled to take advantage of SampleTank 3's "round robin" feature with an extensive set of drum elements sampled in multiple ways. For extreme accuracy and realism these kits feature 6 velocity levels and up to 10 round robin samples — on par with many industry standard stand-alone drum-only products. All these kits are mapped according to General MIDI standard. On top of these full drumkits, SampleTank 3's feature also separate snares, kicks, toms, hi-hats, ride cymbals and crash cymbals sample sets with hundreds of variations for each element. This allows for extensive custom drum programming.

Should you not be a drummer over 700 MIDI acoustic drum patterns are there to help. Let SampleTank 3 lay down the groove so you can jam with ready-to-go patterns like Blues, Country, Funky, Metal, Pop, Punk and Rock. All of these patterns include Intro, Verse, Chorus, Fill and Outro so you can build full pro-sounding drum tracks with ease. And to kick things into high gear, all of these drum sounds can be used with SampleTank 3's new outboard effects derived from T-RackS like the Black 76, the White 2A, Model 670 and Vintage EQ1. With these in the mix you'll get a punch you can feel, a character you can appreciate and a definition you can hear, and that's something you can only get when you jam with SampleTank 3.



Electronic Drums

If electronic sounds are more your style then check out SampleTank's 55 electronic drum sets, which cover nearly every modern style imaginable: EDM, Dance, Dirty Sound, East Coast, Electro, Old Skool, R&B, Reggaeton, Soulful House, Tech House and West Coast. From deep and subby kicks to cutting snares and fizzing FX, these kits have you covered. No matter your favorite genre, SampleTank 3's fresh and powerful sounds will help you own the dancefloor. Take charge and program your own beats or take advantage of each style's pre-made patterns for a total of over 500 MIDI patterns. Laying down a full drum track for your next club anthem is as easy as just two clicks.




To accurately represent bass is no small feat, but it's something that SampleTank 3 does extremely well. It features 11 new electric and acoustic bass instruments, each of which has been sampled for extreme accuracy and precision. Browse the library and you'll find a comprehensive selection of bass instruments all with multiple velocities and articulations — including finger, pick, slap, pull and noise as well as more complicated techniques like harmonic effects and slides. There are 10 electric basses and one jazz double bass. These instruments give your bass performance incredible realism.



Synth Bass

For deeper sounds, SampleTank 3 also includes 91 synth bass sample sets. Each sampled from iconic, world-renowned analog synthesizers famous for their warm and punchy bass tones. Whether you want a pulse, a saw, a growl or something more distrorted, these basses have a character that will make your tracks stand out from the rest. MIDI patterns are included that match with the Electronic drums. Now you can build entire grooves quickly and easily in any style.


Acoustic Guitar

In SampleTank 3 there's an acoustic guitar for every occasion. It features 6 different acoustic guitars which have been sampled to cover all possible styles and tones. These include 4 high-end American-made steel guitars (including one 12-string), one Italian lutherie concert and 1 vintage Brazilian Bossa Nova guitar. Each of these feature multiple velocities and articulations that let you access and express the full breath of this versatile instrument.




Electric Guitar

Feel the power of SampleTank 3's 5 distinct electric guitars. Now you have the full dynamic range of this popular instrument. You get 3 different must-have, iconic solid bodies — with both single coil and humbucker variants, one semi-hollow body, one hollow body. All have been sampled from hard-to-find vintage instruments. With these sounds you have a complete palette of guitar tones from mellow blues and jazz to more extreme sounds like rock and metal. All instruments have been sampled with neck and bridge pick-ups separately and offer multi-velocities and articulations like finger, pick, harmonic, palm mute and slide. Pair them with the included amps and effects derived from AmpliTube, and you'll have some of the best tone you can get from a virtual guitar instrument.



There are 5 new acoustic pianos in SampleTank 3: two of the finest grand pianos in the world (one Hamburg-made and one Japanese-made), one baby grand piano and one upright piano (both Japanese made) and a honky tonk piano. All these instruments have been painstakingly sampled in Italy by IK's team of engineers with our collection of vintage and modern microphones to have precise control of the final results. All have been sampled with multi-velocities (up to 7) for incredible realism and a playability that rivals even the best dedicated virtual piano instruments. And now SampleTank 3 has pushed piano instrument emulation to the next level with its new Acoustic Resonance effect which reproduces and gives control of the soundboard resonance of a grand piano. And with the new Piano Lid effect — which emulates the lid aperture of a real grand piano — you'll experience a degree of realism that you ve never heard before.


Electric Piano

There are 12 unique instrument sample sets in the electric piano category making SampleTank 3 a virtual encyclopedia of electric piano sounds. There are multiple Stage pianos and Wurlys, two Electric Grands and even more exotic electric pianos like the RMI, Cembalet and Pianet. All these instruments are sampled with multiple velocities — up to 6 — from hard-to-find vintage instruments. Get that authentic groovy 60s and 70s tone using the included AmpliTube effects like OptoTremolo, Uni-V, Chorus CE1 or Electric Flanger. Now you can achieve a truly hyper realistic sound in a virtual electric piano.






From the classic electric and combo organs of the 60s to pump and cathedral organs, SampleTank 3 offers a full spectrum of organ-driven sound with 25 unique sample sets. Each contains all the registries you’d expect to find, all represented by chromatic sampling for maximum accuracy and fidelity. For a truly authentic sound, electric organs ought to be used with Sample Tank 3’s new AmpliTube-derived Rotary Speaker. Or fill your room with sound your using the cathedral organs with SampleTank 3’s new reverbs like its convolution-based ConvoRoom or the classic CSR Hall and Room — now included in SampleTank 3 as separated effects.



8 chromatic instrument sample sets are included in SampleTank 3. Together with your usual traditional Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba and Glockenspiel, you will also find multiple samplings of multi-velocity Clavinets for that plucky 70’s funk vibe.




With 17 string instruments from Miroslav Philharmonik and 152 samples sets, SampleTank 3's string section is as full-featured as it can be. You get solo Violin, Viola, Cello and Contrabass sounds. You also get ensemble sections: Cellos, Violas, Cello plus Contrabass, full Strings, Orchestra, Contrabasses and 4, 11 and 23 Violins. All the sounds have been reprogrammed to take full advantage of SampleTank 3's new articulations giving you a new level of realistic playability right out of the box.






With Brass, you get the full ensemble. SampleTank 3 gives 19 Brass instruments and 70 samples sets that cover everything from Pop to Jazz to Orchestral. On top of 13 impressive Miroslav Philharmonik orchestral Brass — like French Horn, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Tuba, Muted Tuba and Trumpets, Trombone ensembles. All have been reprogrammed to take advantage of SampleTank 3's new articulations. In addition, we have also added a new pop section with Trumpet, Mute Trumpet, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone and Piccolo Trumpet plus both solo and Brass ensembles. 

All feature multi-velocity sampling and take advantage of SampleTank 3's "round robin" effect and articulations. With a brass sonic palette this wide, you'll be ready for any type of musical arrangement.



Like the Brass, the Woodwinds category also includes 14 great sounding orchestral instrument and 75 sample sets reprogrammed from Miroslav 


Philharmonik: Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Bass Flute, English Horn and also Oboe and Piccolo with Bassoons as well as Flutes and Clarinets sections. On top of that, you also get 4 new saxophones and 9 samples sets: Alto, Baritone, Soprano and Tenor that all feature all multi-velocities and "round robin" for extended realism and great compositional flexibility.



Synth Lead

Your synthesizer playing will stand out in the mix with SampleTank 3's 30 new synth lead sample sets which cover all your solo needs. With sounds that cover Brassy, Saw, Square, Sync, Hollow, Phat and more, these inspiring sounds will fill any need from dancefloor-centric Electronic Dance Music to Progressive Rock and Jazz. These inspiring sounds will fill any need, from dancefloor-centric electronic dance music to Progressive Rock and Jazz.



Synth Pad

Add atmosphere and emotion to your music with 51 new synth pad sample sets. These cover all the bases: Crystalline, Noisy, Emotional, Warm, Morph, Harmonics and more, these pads will inspire you to explore a whole new dimension of compositional territory.



Synth Hit

A new category for SampleTank 3, now you have over 400 sounds that cover all of your special synthesizer needs. These are useful effects like Stabs, Chords, Synth and Bass hits, Percussive Hits and others. They re just what you need for that extra dramatic electronic touch in your tracks.





SampleTank 3's voice category sings out loud with 84 single sample sets obtained from 4 brand-new soloist ensembles (two male, two female) plus a show-stopping 40-person gospel choir recorded in a state-of-the-art modern church. Experience extreme realism — these vocal sounds have all the syllable singing you'll need, plus they take full advantage of SampleTank 3's "round robin" effect for that extra human touch. This, combined with the unique STRETCH™ sampling of SampleTank 3, means you'll have great sounding vocals anytime you need them.






Travel the world with sound via the included 42 ethnic single sample sets, which include samples that span Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia and North America. SampleTank 3's Ethnic sounds include: Accordion, Banjo, Bouzouki, Cumbus, Gu Zheng, Dulcimer, Santour, Tamboura, Electric Sitar, Arabic Oud, Turkish Oud, Turkish Saz, Anklungs, Log Drums, Kalimba, Gamelan, Tibetan Bowls, Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Temple Bells, Tibetan Temple Gong, Tibetan Ting Shaw, Crotales, Indian Horn, Poongi Snake Charmer Flute, Conch Shell, Indian Bamboo Flute, Native American Flute, Irish Pennywhistle, Chinese Ocarina, Bag Pipes, Balalaika, Bottle Blow, Koto, Mandolin, Pan Pipe, Shamisen, Sitar and Tamboura. Depending on the instrument you'll find multi-velocities, multi articulations and "round robin." Now you have all the authentic realism you need.




Beyond the standard drum kits, SampleTank 3 also offers additonal percussion sourced from African, Middle Eastern and Latin American instruments: Agogo Bells, Bongo, Cabasa, Cajon, Castanets, Claves, Congas Afro-Cuban Latin Congas, Cowbells, Cuica, Djembe, Dumbek, GM Percussion Set, Guiro, Maracas, Shekere, Studio Shaker, Tambourines, Vibra Slap, Woodblock, Samba Whistles, Sleigh Bells, Marktree, Timbales, Triangles, Tablas and Udu. All of these sounds future multi-velocities, articulations and "round robin." And with over 100 included MIDI patterns, you'll be ready to immediately add complicated global rhythms to any song.



Sound FX

No sound workstation would be complete without a palette of special sound FX. Add zest and color to your songs with Birds, Explosions, Gunshots, Jungle, Rain, River, Water, Pink Noise, White Noise and Zaps.




As the last sound category of sounds in the new SampleTank 3, we have left Loops for the grand finale. In SampleTank 3 there are over 2,500 loop samples organized in over 100 instruments. You will find drum grooves played by world-renowned drummers covering Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and much more. There's also more worldly loops like Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Bolero grooves, and more — all played by world-renowned Latin and Cuban percussionists. And for more modern styles of music, SampleTank 3 has a full set of EDM, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, House, Reggae and Reggaeton construction kits that include drum loops, kicks, basses, percussion, melodic lines, pads and effects that will allow you to build great sounding grooves in a snap.


SampleTank 2 instruments

For your convenience — and to avoid the hassle of converting your previous SampleTank 2 XL sounds — all of those prior sound libraries are included in SampleTank 3. Already imported, properly categorized and easy to access, previous users will immediately find sounds they are familiar with. And new users will have an additional arsenal of bread-and-butter sounds that have made history. Plus, previous users will also be able to import their previous Combi (now Multi) instruments and be ready to go.

The same previous users of Powered by SampleTank sounds and virtual instruments (such as Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth 2, SampleMoog, SampleTron and Xpansion Tank 2) will also be able to easily import their sounds and Combis to take full advantage of the whole new world of sounds provided by SampleTank 3.


SampleTank 3

  • Works as a multi-platform plug-in and as a Standalone application
  • Content structured in Instruments, Multis and MIDI Patterns
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X and Windows
  • Supported plug-in formats: AAX, VST, and Audio Units
  • 16 part multitimbral
  • 16 individual stereo outputs
  • Info view with specific information and 3D icon for each instrument
  • Mix view and full mix parameters control
  • Live mode for instantaneous sounds loading, organized in set lists and songs
  • 55 studio quality effects
  • Part Range Controls allows for creating splits and layers
  • Edit view for in depth editing of all synth engine parameters, independently for all the elements or articulations that are included in the instrument
  • Instrument browsing
  • BPM syncable time-based effects, audio loop instruments and LFOs
  • Four play modes including mono legato with portamento.
  • Zone switch allows to edit individual key-zones for the selected sound elelement or articulation
  • Multi Articulation and Key Switch instrument control
  • Easy to use assignable MIDI control to any parameter with MIDI Learn
  • Instrument and Multi saving
  • Convenient Search function for Instruments, Multis and Patterns

3 Synth Engines

  • Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch
  • Resampling

Effects list

  • Full Amps: American Vintage T, Amp Combo, British Tube Lead 2, Jazz Amp 120, Modern Tube Lead, SVT Classic
  • Amp Components: Cabinet, Preamp, Tone Control
  • Distortion: Overscream, Distortion, Crusher, Overdrive
  • EQ and Dynamics: Black 76, Model 670, White 2A, Vintage EQ-1A, Compressor, Parametric EQ, EQ Comp, Limiter
  • Modulation: Chorus C1, Opto Tremolo, Electric Flanger, Rotary Speaker, Uni-V, Small Phazer, AM Modulation, Multi Chorus, Chorus, Phaser, Env Flanger, Tremolo, Flanger, FM Modulation
  • Reverb and Delay: Acoustic Resonance, Tape Echo, Hall Reverb, ConvoRoom, Plate Reverb, Reverb, Ambience, Reverb Delay, Delay, Spring Reverb
  • Filters / Other: Piano Lid, Stereo Imager, Auto Pan, Multi Filter, LFO Filter, Phonograph, Env Filter, Slicer, Lo-Fi, Wah

4 Play Modes

  • Poly
  • Mono
  • Legato 1
  • Legato 2


  • Over 33 GB of included sounds
  • Over 4,000 new instruments with 21 instrument categories
  • Over 2,500 drum, percussion and full construction-kit loops
  • Over 2,000 MIDI files

System Requirements


SampleTank is a 64-bit Plug-in and requires a 64 bit CPU and Operating System.


Mac® (64-bit)

  • Minimal: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, 4 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
  • Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): Audio Units, VST 2, VST 3, AAX.


Windows® (64-bit)

  • Minimal: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2, 4 GB of RAM, Windows®7, or Windows® 8.
  • Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): VST 2, VST 3, AAX.




Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

Audio Demos

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