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Construction Kit: Hello

Construction Kit: Hello

Style: Hard Rock

Tempo: 70 bpm

Number of Loops: 16

Loop Instrument Types: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Lead

Apple Loops 24-bit
Apple Loops 16-bit for GarageBand iOS

This free downloadable sound is taken from these eSoundz products:

R.A.W. Style Pak: Hard Rock

R.A.W. Style Pak: Hard Rock

Hard Rock R.A.W. Style Pak features 305MB of Hard Rock sounds along with 206 Heavy Hard Rocking loops!  This R.A.W Style Pak contains 16 construction kits from SRI's Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Rock Guitar Libraries providing the professional artist with the essentials to create Hard rock Hits! Easily drag and drop to instantly mix and match endless combinations of loops! Enjoy 305MB of Hard Rock Sounds & Loops with Sonic RealityI's Hard Rock R.A.W. Style Pak! Includes the following loop sets: DropD Groove Hello OhNo Riffin Shotgun Slow Grind Taps 6-8 Time Creepin Crunch Grinding Macheen Zombe Total size: 349MB Please refresh your browser if demo does not appear. About the R.A.W. Style Pak Series:   This collection is the ideal writing and production tool for any musician and a great addition to popular products like Reason, Ableton Live, Mackie Tracktion, FL Studio, Stylus RMX (it has even been designed specifically to drag and drop into Stylus RMX), Apple GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic, Sony Acid, Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, ProTools, Cubase, Sonar, Digital Performer and every other DAW or sampler. It more.

$49.00 $10.00 -
R.A.W. Platinum Bundle

R.A.W. Platinum Bundle

  The Ultimate Loop Collection - Now For Download! R.A.W Platinum Edition contains the full R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit, Deluxe Bass Lines, as well as 25 individual R.A.W. Style Paks for a total of over 50GB of sounds totalling over 50,000 loops. R.A.W. Platinum Edition offers one of the most flexible and comprehensive loop libraries ever assembled. Every loop is offered in Rex, Apple Loops and Acidized Wave formats for the ultimate in groove control and easy import into your favorite DAW or sampler. Included in R.A.W. Platinum Edition: R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit features over 5,000 loops to inspire your creativity. Each loop is delivered in 3 separate formats (Rex, Apple Loops and Wave) for the ultimate in control groove control when used with your favorite DAW or sampler. Deluxe Bass Lines Over 700 Bass Line Loops covering a wide variety of styles such as hip hop, electronic, pop, rock, hard rock, jazz and more! This title is a Special Edition Style Pak previously unavailable! It includes hundreds of fresh new bass riffs as well as classic R.A.W. bass lines from the entire series and more! Add some more.

$599.00     $499.00 -

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