ePointz™ are discounts that are automatically applied to purchases of eSoundz.com products while you shop.

Tell a friend: ePointz™ Referrals

Enter a name.

Whenever a friend buys something from eSoundz, remind them to enter either your full name or your eSoundz member username when checking out and we'll credit both you and your friend with $5.00 in ePointz™. It's that easy.

Refer just a few friends this way, and you can quickly accumulate up to $50.00 in ePointz™ to spend on your next purchase.

Spend your ePointz™.

The next time you shop at eSoundz.com, we will automatically apply your ePointz™ while you shop! If the total amount of your purchase is less than the amount of ePointz™ you have earned, you pay only the order minimum of $5.00 and get to keep your remaining ePointz™ toward your next purchase!

Check your ePointz™.

Keep up with how many ePointz™ you have earned by logging into eSoundz at any time. See who you have referred in the past and how many ePointz™ you earned by checking your order history.

Become a member

Register today to become an eSoundz member. We frequently give out free ePointz™ to our active members for special promotions, contests, surveys and a variety of other reasons. Nothing could be easier than earning ePointz just for being a member of the eSoundz community.


ePointz™ Rules:

  • You cannot refer a friend for ePointz™ if your cart contains only downloadable soundz.
  • Certain products are exempt from ePointz™ discounts. Products that are exempt from ePointz™ discounts are clearly marked in your cart.
  • The maximum amount of ePointz™ you can earn toward a single purchase on eSoundz.com by referring friends is $50.
  • With each eSoundz purchase, any and all ePointz™ you have accumulated will automatically be applied during the checkout process.
  • If your ePointz™ discount is greater than the total price of the items in your cart, your existing ePointz™ will be applied until the total price of items in your cart is only $$5.00 (the minimum order amount).
  • Any remaining ePointz™ are saved and will be automatically applied to your next purchase.
  • Tax and shipping charges are applied after your ePointz discount.

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