Drum Masters 2: John Blackwell Multitrack Yam Mallets Kit for the Infinite Player

Drums sampled in the style of R&B, Hip Hop, and Funk

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Product Information

*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

Hip Hop/R&B Meets Pop Fusion With One of Today's Top Drummers!

The John Blackwell Yamaha Mallet Multitrack Drum Kit is part of the Drum Masters series where you can pick out a la carte kits and grooves that work with Sonic Reality’s Infinite Player* plugin and build one of the most powerful virtual drum collections ever!

About the John Blackwell Yamaha Mallet Multi-track Drum Kit:

This product is a multi-sampled Yamaha® Jazz Birch Tom Set made to be played from Sonic Reality’s Infinite Player. It was recorded at Dungeon Studios in Miami with R&B/Fusion/Pop/Hip Hop drummer John Blackwell. John doesn t normally play this kit but engineer Mark Hornsby thought it might be fun to mix things up and see what John would do with a jazz kit. This pack is a bonus set of toms that were played with Mallets.

ProFile on John Blackwell:

John Blackwell is one of today’s hottest Pop/R&B/Hip Hop drummers both live and in the studio. He’s played with Prince, Diddy, Patti Labelle, Lauryn Hill, Cameo and was recently featured on Justin Timberlake’s “Future Sex Love Show”. John is known for flashy light speed drum riffs and tight funky drumming that suits many different styles of music. His sound and style of playing crosses the lines between Pop and Fusion, between old school R&B and modern progressive Hip Hop.


Kit Size: Over 1.5 Gigabytes (UnZipped) ; 1.5 Gigabytes (Zipped)
Kit Brand: Yamaha
Wood: Birch
Stick Type: Mallet

Kit Info: This is one of the kits recorded at Sonic Reality's John Blackwell sampling session in Miami. This five-piece Yamaha birch kit features smaller drums than the other kits recorded at this session, providing a notable resonance and sonic hipness. The alternate stick type used for this kit, a timpani mallet, takes particular advantage of the fullness of these drums.

Drum Kit Overview

Please note this is for quick reference of main content and is not meant to show accurate stereo positioning or extra kit pieces that may also be a part of the kit.

Kit Pieces:

Yamaha Kick Drum: 20" x 16"
Yamaha Snare: 14" x 5.5" (Maple)
Yamaha Toms
Sabian 14" Hi Hats
Sabian Artisan Ride Cymbal 20”
Sabian 2 Crash Cymbals 19" 20"

Discrete Microphone Channels You Can Mix!

This kit includes the following mic channels:

  • Kick Direct
  • Sub Kick
  • Snare Top Direct
  • Snare Bottom
  • Tom 1 Direct
  • Tom 2 Direct
  • Tom 3 Direct
  • Tom 4 Direct
  • Overheads
  • Room 1
  • Room 2
  • Back Room

Easy to Use, Intuitive and Flexible Graphic User Interface!

Example Drum Masters "Multi" Drum Kit Screen Shot

Drum Masters Multi-Track Drums:

Drum Masters Multitrack Drums put you in control of the mix as if you had the original multitrack master tapes in your hands! An accurate simulation of classic drum sounds allows you to create your own music with rare flavors of sound that were previously only a luxury to very few. This is ultimate production power inside your computer! Drum Masters kits can be combined with authentic played audio grooves from the same session to create the most realistic simulation of a live multi-track drum session of any drum plug-in today.


• Diverse Range of Kits: Unique custom and vintage drum kits from legendary drummers and top drum brands.
• Signature Styles and Sounds: Authentic techniques and recording equipment used in the session to recreate drum sounds from iconic Classic Rock albums to Jazz, Soul, Blues, Hip Hop, World, Pop and other styles.
• Full Multi-Channel Control! Hi quality discrete mic channel mixing so you can blend directs, overheads, ambient rooms and more to get a diverse range of sounds from dry to
Unprocessed Natural Acoustic Sound: Recorded naturally with no additional processing for maximum flexibility to produce, process and engineer within your DAW.
• GM and iMap Drum Maps: Both General Midi and Sonic Reality’s award-winning iMap™ drum layouts for the ultimate in compatibility and expressive realism when creating drum tracks.
• Left and Right Hand Alternate Hits! Drum Masters iMap kits have left and right stick alternate hits on separate keys for avoiding machine gun effect and simulating a drummer’s natural alternating two hand playing.
• Dynamic Velocities and Multiple Drum Positions! Drum Kits are mapped both with multiple velocities and a variety of positions of each drum from center to edge to rim.
• Ideal Material to Use with Effect Plug-ins: Process each mic channel separately or together through your favorite studio effects plug-ins and channel strip EQ in your DAW.
• Unlimited Custom Kits Can Be Made! Drum Master kits are flexible and customizable allowing the ability to swap out kit pieces between kits to create your own custom hybrid drum kits.
• Uses the Infinite Player Software: All Drum Masters Kits and Grooves are played from Sonic Reality’s Infinite Player* virtual instrument software powered by Kontakt™ which works stand alone for the Mac and PC and as a plug-in for major DAWS like ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Digital Performer and more.
• Endlessly Expandable Collection! With the Infinite Player you can expand and add more Sonic Reality drum kits, grooves and other instrument sounds to your collection.

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IMAP and GM Mapping Formats


I-MAP™ is a proprietary MIDI note mapping/drum kit layout scheme developed by Sonic Reality that facilitates improved live performance of drum kits via MIDI keyboard. I-MAP places drums in their most flexible and intuitive position, allowing each of the fingers on both hands independent and coordinated control over the sampled kit. With little practice, it is possible to lay down complete drum grooves in a single take that have incredible feel and groove. I-Map has left and right stick positions per drum as well as a variety of positions from center to edge to rim. It includes additional performance articulations you don’t often get from other drum products such as left and right keys for snare rolls, separate ghost notes, hat foot open, chokes, crashing rides and more.

GM (General MIDI)

GM is the classic mapping format for standard midi files. Sonic Reality’s IMAP/GM remapping button works by putting selected IMAP notes remapped to GM notes instead. You can change an entire multi kit from IMAP to GM with one simple key switch. This offers the best of cutting edge expression without sacrificing universal compatibility with GM midi loops.

Drum Masters is part of the Studio ProFiles Series.

Sonic Reality’s Studio ProFiles series is focused on capturing the authentic sound of signature music styles, landmark studios, rare recording equipment, unique musical instruments and the unique sonic flavors of legendary producers, engineers, drummers and other musicians. While the Studio ProFiles series offers sound collections in a variety of formats such as BFD, Drum Core, Stylus RMX, Reason, SampleTank, Rex, Apple Loops and Wave, the main all-inclusive format for the Studio ProFiles series is SR’s own plug-in called “Infinite Player” which is powered by Native Instruments’ Kontakt.

About Sonic Reality's Infinite Player

Drum Masters Kits and Grooves are played from the Infinite Player software which works stand alone for the Mac and PC or as a plug-in for all major DAW/Sequencers. It is a high resolution full-featured sample engine with disc streaming for playing larger sized instruments. This plug-in technology offers more discrete control of the mixing, envelopes and other parameters than you normally find in a dedicated drum plug-in. With the Infinite Player software there is no need to own Kontakt or any other sampler just to play Drum Masters sounds.


As the name implies it is infinitely expandable with more downloadable sounds in the “Infinite Player” format. Grooves can be found under downloadable “Loop Packs” and kits can be found under downloadable “Instruments”.

System & Product Use Requirements: Infinite Player software*, Mac or PC computer, 1.5+ GHz processor, minimum of 2GB RAM, Firewire, Sata or fast bus Hard Drive, ASIO compatible audio interface, Midi Interface and Midi Controller.

* Note: The Infinite Player must be purchased separately to use this product.
Click here to download Infinite Player.

All mention of John Blackwell, Yamaha, and Sabian are for reference only. No official affiliation implied. Kontakt is a registred trademark of Native Instruments. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

Audio Demos

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