Drum Masters 2 Jerry Marotta Multitrack Taos Grooves
Infinite Player library for Kontakt

Infinite Player Expansion Set

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Product Information

62 multitrack drum grooves for the Infinite Player, played on Jerry Marotta's unique TAOS drum kit!

Total size:   403MB

*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.



What is an Infinite Player Expansion Set?

After you have installed the Infinite Player, you can upgrade it with new sounds, and still have its unique and powerfull features. Sonic reality will expand the Infinite Player Library with all kind of instruments, grooves and styles. Expansion Sets can be Individual Instruments, Stereo Kits, Stereo Grooves, Multitrack Kits and Multitracks Grooves, offering the a wide range of possibilities and expandability for an audio Plug-in.

*Multisampled Instruments : Individual Instruments sampled in studio condition with the best equipment available, using several velocity switches to perfectly imitate the legendary sound of the original.

*Stereo Kits : Multi velocity stereo drum kits sampled at the same session as the loops.  These kits have been mixed in stereo for use with the matching grooves and have been mapped in both GM and IMAP formats. 

*Multitrack Kits : These multi velocity multi-track drum kits have entirely discrete mix control.  They were recorded along side the grooves for seamless integration and can be played in both GM and IMAP formats.

*Stereo Grooves :  Artist grooves menu mapped in Kontakt for easy use.  These grooves are Rex2 format and adjust to your host tempo.  Use these grooves with the matching drum kit for the ultimate drum sequencing experience.

*Multitrack Grooves : Multi-track drum grooves in Rex2 format.  These grooves are menu mapped for easy use with your midi controller.  They are the same grooves as the Stereo version but with fully discrete mix control between microphones. (HH, BD, SD,Toms, Percussion, etc…) 

All About The Infinite Player and Studio ProFiles Collections:

The original idea of the Studio ProFiles series was to recreate the studio sound of classic drum tracks from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Motown to Big Band to Blues and more. Then Sonic Reality set out to find a way to combine multi-track playable drum kit samples with multi-track audio Rex 2 loops of these authentic styles from different eras. It would be like having a virtual "time capsule drum session" that you could conveniently use in your music. That’s how Sonic Reality s Studio ProFiles series was born and years later it would finally all be brought together under one roof as an expandable plug-in called “Studio ProFiles Infinite Player” which is powered by Native Instruments’ Kontakt Sampler in addition to downloadable individual collections in popular formats such as Stylus RMX, Rex, Apple Loops and Acidized Waves.

More about the recording and the philosophy behind the Infinite series can be found here.

Infinite Player Library Installation Basics

After installing the Infinite Player you will need to bring your Infinite Player libraries into the correct Infinite Player folder structure. This is the library location you set when installing the Infinite Player.

It should look like this:
Sonic Reality/Infinite Player/Multis, Samples, Instruments, etc..

We have provided a library installation application called “Infinite Library Installer” with the Infinite Player. Simply run the Mac or PC installer application and follow the on Screen instructions.

1. Drag a Infinite Player Sound Library Zip onto the Infinite Library Installer

2. You will be prompted to find your “Infinite Player” folder. Note: This is
wherever you chose your Library path when installing the Infinite Player

3. The Library will be automatically installed into your Infinite Player folder

4. Open your Infinite Player and enjoy your newly installed Infinite Sound Library.


Operating System
Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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