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Product Information

*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

Cinema Sessions is the ultimate tool kit of "Scoring Effects" with content from the four previously released volumes: Symphonic Effects, Global Atmospheres, Dimensional Effects and Ambient Atmospheres.  A must-have for any composer or multimedia producer.  Instant top quality musical effects from orchestral wild takes to exotic sounds from all over the world to 3-dimensional transition cues and ethereal evolving pads


Expanding on Sonic Reality's latest "Sounds for Film" and other media category, Cinema Sessions offers unique sonic effects with a musical twist!  Whether it is orchestral hits and swells or the exotic ambience of ancient Aztecs to use in film, music or any media production, Cinema Sessions is the ideal source for any music composer, DJ or media producer. Cinema Sessions includes the following four Cinema Sessions collections. Symphonic Effects contains over 400 orchestral effects for film, tv, games and popular music styles. From sci-fi/suspense/horror hits, drones and intertwining melodies to emotional build-ups this collection offers a wide assortment of hard to find symphonic effects you can use to create the ultimate sound track.  Special features include instant forward and reverse playback, time stretch, built-in effects and quick layering capabilities for building an infinite amount of complex new textures. Symphonic Effects offers world-class film score quality effects to use in any style of music or multimedia production royalty free. Global Atmospheres contains over 1350 samples of exotic sounds from all over the world.  From tribal Native American drums to Ancient Aztec Ambiance to rare sounds from the Mediterranean, this collection is a must-have for any media producer, sound designer or music composer. Whether you are creating authentic world sound effects for films and video games or wanting to add ethnic sonic flavors to electronic, rock, pop and world music, it delivers a diverse range of rare sonic landscapes, percussion loops, authentic voices and ethnic instrument riffs. Ambient Atmospheres features a combination of film texture pads, drones and ambient soundscapes with ambient sound effects from Sonic Reality.  With the type of sound effects you d hear in films and video games to effects used in a musical context such as classic rock albums or ambient electronica, Ambient Atmospheres has a wide range of Thunder Storms, European Train Announcers, Airports, Oceanic Soundscapes, Close Range Fireworks, Birdsong, Dog Barks and futuristic "other world" sound design.  Special features include instantforward and reverse playback, time stretch, built-in effects and quick layering capabilities for building an infinite amount of powerful ambient soundscapes. Dimensional Effects features over 100 outstanding special effects for music and multimedia production.  Featuring special, cutting edge warped electronica or avant-garde soundscapes, Dimensional Effects adds instant twisted sound design to any production.

    * Over 2,000 effects patches of textures, ambiences, dimensional grooves, drones, whooshes, and more!
    * High-quality sounds encoded for Sonic Reality's Infinite Player, making Cinema Sessions part of an easily and infinitely                    expandable library!
    * Instant ability to forward, reverse, and manipulate the time, pitch and timbre of sounds
    * Stack, layer and process with built-in DSP effects for unlimited sound design possibilities
    * Perform or sequence, and match sounds to workspace ambience with convolution reverb

Cinema Sessions is a powerful virtual instrument and sound library with sounds that can be used in any style of composition for Film, TV, Video Games, Radio and any genre of music that calls for special effects. The concept behind this powerful series is to provide scoring effects that can be called up and instantly molded like clay into an infinite range of possible sounds designed and performed in real time. Powerful scoring effects can be used to make world-class soundtracks faster than ever before. Whether you need a powerful workstation of every type of effect on hand or you want to use the fast and easy on board manipulation features, built-in DSP effects and layering to create unique sounds where people will wonder how you did it, Cinema Sessions is a must-have for any media producer, music composer or sound designer.  Here are more details about the product.

A Kontakt Plug-in or Standalone Application for the Mac and PC

The playback software that Cinema Sessions uses is Sonic Reality’s “Infinite Player” expandable “library” module which resides inside either the (free) Kontakt Player 4 from Native Instruments or the (optional) full version of Kontakt 4. (Will work with Kontakt and Kontakt Player 5).  You simply authorize the Infinite Player with NI’s service center and from there on you are a simple drag and drop away from adding more Sonic Reality Infinite Player/Kontakt format sounds to your virtual instrument set up. Using Kontakt as its engine, the Infinite Player-based Cinema Sessions works either stand alone for the Mac or PC or as an RTAS, VST or Audio Units plug-in for products such as ProTools®, Cubase®, Logic® and other compatible DAW applications

A Tour of the Interface and Features

The Mode Page

Each sound in Cinema Sessions can instantly be called up and manipulated in many ways. There are four different modes of playback.

     * Forward
     * Reverse
     * Formant
     * Time Stretch

The default mode is to play the sound forward (“forward” mode) but you can also play any sound  backwards simply by selecting the “reverse” mode. If you want to turn any effect into an unpredictable exciting harmonic synthesizer then you can choose “formant” mode and for experimenting with the engine’s convenient time stretch capabilities there is the final “Time Stretch” mode for fitting a sound into a scene or doing creative grain-style synthesis. 

In this page there is also a “Sample Start” which is controlled by a midi keyboard’s modwheel (or midi CC knob). With this you can instantly dive into any point in the duration of the sound and then by hitting the “lock” button on (white) it makes that the new start point of the sound for that patch! You can also choose to have the pitch tracking on or off and even set the sound to trigger upon release of the midi note for advanced interactive performance effects.

The Amp Page

This page offers a variety of control over the amplitude of the sound from simple volume and pan to an ADSR sound shaping envelope to velocity/dynamic response from a midi controller. 

The LFO PageBringing in fun experimental synth features such as LFO modulators is a welcome addition for any sound designer. A variety of different waveforms and parameters can modulate Amplitude, Panning, Pitch or Filter. 

The FX Page Cinema Sessions has a wide variety of built-in DSP effects to instantly process sounds with and providing an infinite range of sonic results. Here in this section you have insert effects such as:

     * Filters (Multi Mode)
     * 3 Band Parametric EQ
     * Compression
     * Multiple Distortion
     * Lo-Fi
     * Vowel Formant
     * Stereo Modulation
     * Chorus 
     * Flanger
     * Phaser
     * Delay
     * Reverb

In the Auxiliary Sends and Output Mixer Inserts there are even more DSP effects on hand including a powerful Convolution Reverb which allows you to drag and drop an impulse response from a scene or field recording and match the ambience between the effect and the dialog or other sounds in the scene. All of these features can be tweaked easily by any user and saved back with infinite variations without losing the original factory settings. Sounds can be layered together as “Multis” or they can be individual “Instruments” with unique sonic qualities that can make someone wonder how you got THAT sound. This is why the entire Sounds for Film category for the Infinite Player is a treasure chest of creative sources for any producer or composer.

Symphonic Effects

Aliens (5 instruments)
Cluster (2 instruments)
Crescendo Chords (14 instruments)
Crescendo Drones (6 instruments)
Crescendo Swirls (3 instruments)
Dog Fight in Space (1 instrument)
Ethereal (5 instruments)
Fallback and Return (2 instruments)
Frantic Flying (4 instruments)
Futuristic (13 instruments)
Glissando Cross Climbing (4 instruments)
Intense Motion (1 instrument)
Knocking Travel (1 instrument)
Lost Madness (4 instruments)
Metamorph (1 instrument)
Ominous (8 instruments)
Orch Tuning (3 instruments)
Orchestra Hits Long (15 instruments)
Orchestra Hits Short (22 instruments)
Orchestral Chaos (18 instruments)
Orchestral Chords (11 instruments)
Orchestral Falls (13 instruments)
Orchestral Player Noises (6 instruments)
Plucked Madness (3 instruments)
Poly Melodic (3 instruments)
Saw and Knife (3 instruments)
Scraped Symphony (1 instrument)
Sinister Pulse (8 instruments)
Slow Down (1 instrument)
Space Age Mystery (5 instruments)
Stab Lines (6 instruments)
Stacc Cross Climbing (5 instruments)
Suspense Transitions (19 instruments)
Sustained Drones (11 instruments)
Symph Stabs 2 (10 instruments)
Symph Stabs and Hits (36 instruments)
Symphonic Build Ups (5 instruments)
Symphonic Clatter (2 instruments)
Tremolo Drones (11 instruments)
Trial March (1 instrument)
Tune Harmony Drones (2 instruments)
Wacky Transitions (4 instruments)
Wild Swipes (2 instruments)
Winding Swirls (6 instruments)

Global Atmospheres

130 EMRE 9-8 (7 instruments)
130 EMRE L12 (44 instruments)
139 EMRE L10 (16 instruments)
AMBIENCES1 (5 instruments)
AMBIENCES2 (3 instruments)
AMBIENCES3 (3 instruments)
APACHESHAKRS (11 instruments)
APSHAKRLOOPS (2 instruments)
BAGLAMA LOPS (9 instruments)
BAMBOO PERFM (9 instruments)
BELL DRESS (11 instruments)
BERLIN PERFM (5 instruments)
BIG GYM LOOP (1 instrument)
BIG LOW LOOP (1 instrument)
CHEESBOXVERB (8 instruments)
CHIMUA PERFM (7 instruments)
CHZBX+POWWOW (1 instrument)
CLAP LOOPS (1 instruments)
CROWHOP83 GM (18 instruments)
ECHOFLUTE FM (7 instruments)
ELDERVOX1 (35 instruments)
ELDERVOX2 (32 instruments)
EMRE BAGLAMA (10 instruments)
EMRE KURBAGA (3 instruments)
EMRE SHAKERS (31 instruments)
EMRE ZILGIT (7 instruments)
FISH PERFORM (8 instruments)
GUNBARREL GM (46 instruments)
HIAAWHEY LP (1 instrument)
LITTLEONE GM (29 instruments)
LOOPS (12 instruments)
LOWECHOFL2GM (21 instruments)
LOWECHOFLTGM (19 instruments)
LOWGMFLUTEGM (22 instruments)
MTANBUR (2 instruments)
NATIVE YELLS (10 instruments)
NAVAJOGRPVOX (10 instruments)
NAVAJOVOX LP (1 instrument)
NAVAJSOLOVOX (10 instruments)
NEZPERCE VOX (10 instruments)
NIGHTFALL GM (23 instruments)
NIGHTSONG DM (26 instruments)
PAINTED DRUM (8 instruments)
PROCESSDPERF (9 instruments)
PROCESSEDVOX (4 instruments)
PRODUCER1 (22 instruments)
PRODUCER2 (12 instruments)
PRODUCER3 (21 instruments)
PRODUCER4 (38 instruments)
PUEBLO VOX (10 instruments)
RAWHIDSHAKRS (3 instruments)
RDWDBFLO AM (14 instruments)
RDWDEAGLE GM (24 instruments)
REDWOODDPERF (6 instruments)
RUBBINGDRUMS (1 instrument)
SHAKR LOOP 2 (1 instrument)
SHARKSKNPERF (3 instruments)
SHESHONE VOX (6 instruments)
SMALLFLUTEEM (28 instruments)
SMALLSHAKERS (6 instruments)
SMALSHKRLOOP (1 instrument)
SNEAKUP68 CM (19 instruments)
STARS 93 FM (17 instruments)
STEWARD CM (19 instruments)
STR LOOPS 1 (24 instruments)
STR LOOPS 2 (46 instruments)
STR LOOPS 3 (14 instruments)
THE RIVER (25 instruments)
THE SEED (16 instruments)
THE SONG (69 instruments)
THE THUNDER (88 instruments)
THE WIND (11 instruments)
THE WORD EXP (18 instruments)
THEHEARTBEAT (43 instruments)
TRADSOLOVOX (41 instruments)
TRADSOLOVOX2 (21 instruments)
TURKISH VOX (19 instruments)
VOA COMBO (56 instruments)
WARCRY108 FM (20 instruments)
WARRIOR68 DM (26 instruments)
WHITCEDRPERF (9 instruments)
WORD POEM1 (1 instrument)
WORDPOEMS2-5 (4 instruments)
ZUNI VOX (10 instruments)

Ambient Atmospheres

Synphonic Film Pads
A Close Encounter
A Scream in Space
Alien Arena Airfight
Astral Trillibites
Bean Stalker
Cinematica Strings
Cinematix 19
City of Clouds
Dog Fight
Dramatica Strings
Dream Motion
Eternal Sun
Fair View
Full Orchestra Pad
Future City
Future Sci
Is Neo Eon One
Liquidity Pad
Low Hollow Cavern
Mother Earth Pad
Myster Myster
Orbital Fear
Outlandish Birdy
Outside In Inside Out
Outter Wall
Pizz Boat Call
Red Woodwind Pad
Reverse Reverse
Running Blade
Shawshank String Pad
Sky Rockets
Smooth Pad
Star Shine
Sudden Impact
TH Ex Lover
Tremble Strings
Trill Pad
Vocalic OohPad
War Dogs
Was It A Dream
Zeon Breathpad
Zplane AestheticaBackroundsphere

Backroundsphere 01
Backroundsphere 02
Backroundsphere 03
Backroundsphere 04
Backroundsphere 05
Backroundsphere 06
Backroundsphere 07
Backroundsphere 08
Backroundsphere 09
Backroundsphere 10
Backroundsphere 11
Backroundsphere 12
Backroundsphere 13
Backroundsphere 14
Backroundsphere 15
Backroundsphere 16
Backroundsphere 17
Backroundsphere 18
Backroundsphere 19
Backroundsphere 20Sonic Ambient SFX
Beach and Fireworks
Beach Ambience 1
Beach Ambience 2
Fireworks and Sirens
Fireworks at the Beach 1
Fireworks at the Beach 2
Fireworks Fall
Fireworks Finale1
Fireworks Finale2
Fireworks from Tunnel
Fireworks Launch Explode
Ocean Noise
Outdoor Ambience
Bird and Dog
Bird Through Watertunnel
Birds at the Zoo
Birds Cars Outside
Breaking Wood Tree and Plane
Calm Ocean Near City
Construction and Birds
Italian Piazza Ambience 1
Italian Piazza Ambience 2
Italy Atreet Ambience
Kansas Crickets and Plane 1
Kids Club at Beach
Lawnmower and Chaos
Lawnmower Distant Startup
Lawnmower Distant
Night Time Birds
Nightbirds 1
Odd Bird
Park Ambience
Playground Tree Fall
Running Through Forrest
Thunder and Rain
Big Thunder
Buildup to Big Thunder
Crackle Big Thunder 96
Crunchy Thunder 1
Heavy Thunder Light Rain
Rumble Thunder 1
Rumble Thunder 2
Spacial Thunder and Rain
Storm from Street
Thunder and Lots of Water
Thunder and Screams
Thunder Clap One
Thunder Claps Two
Thunder from Tunnel
Thunder No Rain
Thunder of Two
Thunder Quick
Thunder Storm 1
Thunder Storm 2
Thunder Storm Huge
Thunder Storm Long 1
Thunder Storm Long 2
Thundering Low
Ambient Train Announcer
Big Truck
Bus Station Ambience
Car Honk in Garage
Car Pass Ambient
Cart and Footsteps at Station
Crawling Motor
Door and Train Station
Doppler Car Pass
Doppler Pass By
England Train Announcer
European Airplane Inside
Footsteps at Bus Station
Footsteps at Train Station
German Airport Ambience
Italian Bussqueal
London Train Leave Announcer
Sports Car Startup
Station Ambience
Station Noises
Subway Door Slam
Train Announcer Close 1
Train Anouncer Female
Train Station Amb 1
Train Station Amb 2
Underground Femannouncer
Underground Train Arrival
Utah Car Passby 1
Utah Car Passby 2Special FX
Alien Ocean Traffic
Alien Vehicle Passby
Crazy Laughing Lady 1
Crazy Laughing Lady 2
Disconnected Phone Beep
Modern Phone Ring
Phone Busy
Pole Hit
Space sSorm
The Alien Alarm Panic
The Alien Cavern 1
The Alien Cavern 2

Dimensional Effects

Ambient Realms (60 instruments)
Ambient Realm BOWEDA_1
Ambient Realm BOWEDB_1
Ambient Realm BOWEDB_1b
Ambient Realm BOWEDB_2
Ambient Realm BOWEDB_3
Ambient Realm BOWEDB_4
Ambient Realm BOWEDB_5
Ambient Realm BOWLOO_1
Ambient Realm BOWLOO_2
Ambient Realm BOWLOO_3
Ambient Realm BROOK2_1
Ambient Realm BROOK3_
Ambient Realm CRICKE_1
Ambient Realm CRICKE_2
Ambient Realm CRICKE_3
Ambient Realm CRICKE_4
Ambient Realm CROWHI_1
Ambient Realm CROWLO_1
Ambient Realm CYBERC_1
Ambient Realm CYBERC_2
Ambient Realm CYBERC_3
Ambient Realm CYBERD_1
Ambient Realm DROPLETS
Ambient Realm HARDRA_1
Ambient Realm HUMMIN_1
Ambient Realm HUMMIN_2
Ambient Realm LODRON_1
Ambient Realm LODRON_2
Ambient Realm LODRON_3
Ambient Realm LODRON_4
Ambient Realm LODRON_5
Ambient Realm LODRON_6
Ambient Realm LODRON_7
Ambient Realm LODRON_8
Ambient Realm MEDIUM_1
Ambient Realm MIDDRO_1
Ambient Realm MIDDRO_2
Ambient Realm MIDDRO_3
Ambient Realm MIDDRO_4
Ambient Realm MIDDRO_5
Ambient Realm MIDTOH_1
Ambient Realm MOMSB_1
Ambient Realm PLUCKE_1
Ambient Realm RAINST_1
Ambient Realm RAINST_2
Ambient Realm SHORTW_1
Ambient Realm SHORTW_2
Ambient Realm SHORTW_3
Ambient Realm SHORTW_4
Ambient Realm SPINNI_1
Ambient Realm SPINNI_2
Ambient Realm THUNDE_1
Ambient Realm THUNDE_2
Ambient Realm THUNDE_3
Ambient Realm TINKER_1
Ambient Realm TRAINC_1
Ambient Realm TRAINE_1
Ambient Realm TREEFR_1
Ambient Realm VENUSV_1
Ambient Realm VENUSV_2
Ambient Textures (52 instruments)
Ambient Texture ALIENH_1
Ambient Texture ALIENH_2
Ambient Texture ASTRAY
Ambient Texture AWASH1_1
Ambient Texture AWASH2_1
Ambient Texture BOWEDB_1c
Ambient Texture BOWEDB_2c
Ambient Texture BOWEDB_3c
Ambient Texture BOWEDB_4c
Ambient Texture BOWEDD_1c
Ambient Texture BOWEDD_2c
Ambient Texture CLOUDC_1
Ambient Texture CLOUDC_2
Ambient Texture CLOUDC_3
Ambient Texture CLOUDC_4
Ambient Texture CLOUDC_5
Ambient Texture COOLSP_1
Ambient Texture CREEPY_1
Ambient Texture CREEPY_2
Ambient Texture CYBORG_1
Ambient Texture DARKCA_1
Ambient Texture EERIEL_1
Ambient Texture FRIDAY_1
Ambient Texture GRUNGE_1
Ambient Texture LAUGHI_1
Ambient Texture MAJORN_1
Ambient Texture MARSCI_1
Ambient Texture MISCHIEF
Ambient Texture NERVOU_1
Ambient Texture POLTER_1
Ambient Texture POLTER_2
Ambient Texture SCI-FI_1
Ambient Texture SCI-FI_2
Ambient Texture SEE-SA_1
Ambient Texture SEE-SA_2
Ambient Texture SEE-SA_3
Ambient Texture SEE-SA_4
Ambient Texture SEE-SA_5
Ambient Texture SHIMME_1
Ambient Texture SHIMME_2
Ambient Texture SHIMME_3
Ambient Texture SHIMME_4
Ambient Texture SIRENS_1
Ambient Texture SIRENS_2
Ambient Texture SLODRE_1
Ambient Texture SNEAKY_1
Ambient Texture SPOOKED
Ambient Texture STARTR_1
Ambient Texture STARTR_2
Ambient Texture STRANG_1
Ambient Texture STRANG_2
Ambient Texture TRIBBL_1

Total library size: 8.37GB
Instruments: 2,044
Multis: 116
Bit depth: 24-bit
Sample rate: 48 & 44.1 kHz
Software type: Standalone, plug-inPackage contents:

Operating System

    •    Windows XP
    •    Mac OSX
    •    Vista
    •    Universal Binary
Plugin Format
    •    RTAS
    •    Standalone
    •    VST
    •    AU
    •    Sonic Reality

Minimum System Requirements

PC: Windows XP Pentium 3 / Athlon XP 2GHz - XP & Vista Compatible, 2 GB RAM, DVD Drive, *An activated Sonic Reality Infinite Player + Kontakt Player or Full version 3.5 of higher is required to play these sounds. 

MAC: Mac OS 10.2.6, G5 1.2 GHz - Universal Binary Intel Mac Compatible , 2 GB RAM, DVD Drive, *An activated Sonic Reality Infinite Player + Kontakt Player or Full version 3.5 of higher is required to play these sounds. [Note: Kontakt Player 4 may also be used but is not compatible with PPC Mac]. 

This product will also work with Kontakt and Kontakt Player 5.  Please see for system requirements. 


Works as a plug-in for all major platforms such as ProTools®, Cubase®, Logic®, Digital Performer®, Sonar®, FL Studio®, Live® and more. Can also be read by Kontakt 3.5 and higher.


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

Audio Demos

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