R.A.W. Rock and Soul Multitrack Bundle

Authentic multi-track loops!

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Studio ProFiles Multitrack Grooves Access to the Masters!

Since the beginning of sampling people have wanted to legally sample classic rock, funk and soul records. For the most part it can t be done or not without a high price and luck in getting permission. The demand is still there for that vintage sound and authentic character in the style of recording and performance for use in today's music productions. That's where the Studio ProFiles style-based multi-track groove sessions come in. Sonic Reality has recreated the drum sessions of classic albums from famous bands of the 60's & 70's. Using many of the same mics and gear as well as the same spec drum kits and top session players in LA, Nashville and Miami, Studio ProFiles samples offer that classic sound that so many musicians want.

In this bundle buy the focus is on classic drum sessions in the style of legendary rock bands such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and a wide variety of Motown Soul, R&B and Funk artists. Studio ProFiles multi-track grooves offer the ability to have flexible tempos inside your DAW via the formats REX2, Apple Loops or Acidized Wave and yet offer the flexibility to mix and engineer individual mic channels of directs, overheads, room and more just like you would when mixing a live multi-channel recorded drum track.

https://www.esoundz.com/images/products/200/DL-SP-RINGBEATSGROOVESVOL1.jpgStudio ProFiles: Classic Rock RingBeats  - $79. Value

Grooves sampled from a vintage 60's Ludwig Oyster Pearl drum kit with the same specs as Ringo Starr's set he played with The Beatles. The loops are also done in the style of early Beatles recordings with the bass drum head on with the snares and toms less dampened than later recordings. Authentic style of the era and inspirational for many styles of music ranging from classic rock to modern alternative rock, hip hop, pop and more. By loading up these kits and processing them through T-Racks you can recreate many of the sounds in your virtual studio that you hear on classic albums.(formats : Rex, Apple Loops and Wav)

https://www.esoundz.com/images/products/200/DL-SP-RINGBEATSGROOVESVOL1.jpgStudio ProFiles: Classic Rock Bonzo Beats - $79. Value

Grooves sampled from a vintage Ludwig kit in the style of legendary John Bonham from Led Zeppelin. These authentic character grooves bring out the led and are great for classic rock to heavy rock, hip hop and more. With T-Racks and CSR you can process them to create massive sounding drum tracks as well as tight slamming beats that are both nostalgic and inspiring. (formats : Rex, Apple Loops and Wav)

https://www.esoundz.com/images/products/200/DL-SP-MOTOWNSESGROOVESVOL1.jpgStudio ProFiles: Motown Session Grooves - $79. Value

Grooves recorded in the style of Soul, Funk and R&B. It's like having the classic multi-track session tapes from legendary albums recorded in Motown.  You get everything from groovy multi-channel drum loops to the foot stomps, snaps, claps and percussion of authentic grooves of the era. Choose between mixing in the style of the time or modern multi mic set ups. Process through CSR's Plate reverb to get that classic Motown sound and more! (formats : Rex, Apple Loops and Wav)


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