R.A.W. Bonzo Beats Multitrack Grooves

Authentic multi-track loops played and recorded in the style of John Bonham

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Product Information

Studio ProFiles Bonzo Beats delivers an authentic selection of multi-track loops that capture the sound and feel of the classic Led Zeppelin recordings of the 1960 s and 70 s. Featuring samples of a genuine Bonham-style kit with extra room ambience and sub kick, these grooves really take you back. Available in REX, Apple Loops, and Acidized Waves, the unique flexible tempo multi-track loops allow you to achieve a new, higher level of production with grooves.

Also available: The Bonzo Kit, samples of the same authentic kit used to record these grooves. Available as a multi-track Kontakt instrument, this kit can be used seamlessly with Bonzo Beat grooves to customize your drum tracks exactly how you choose. You can also create your own grooves!

• Over 100 classic, high-quality multi-track drum loops played and recorded in the style of the late John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.
• Fills and groove variations

BonzoBeats - 108 loops, 912MB* (Tempo range: 70-175bpm)
Two kits were used in this collection. From the British Rock 2 Kit there are 68 loops, 593MB and from the Classic Rock Kit there are 40 loops, 319MB

* For Acidized Wave and Apple Loops as well as the original size for Rexes before compression.

Note: There is no affiliation or official connection to John Bonham or Led Zeppelin implied. All specifications subject to change. ©2008, Sonic Reality. All Rights Reserved.


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