R.A.W. Ring Beats Multitrack Grooves Vol 1

Authentic multi-track loops played and recorded in the style of The Beatles.

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Studio ProFiles Ring Beats Vol. 1 delivers an authentic selection of multi-track loops that capture the sound and feel of the classic Beatles recordings of the 1960s. Featuring samples of a Ludwig Oyster Pearl Kit with extra room ambience and sub kick these grooves take you from back in time to tomorrow. Available in REX, Apple Loops, Acidized Waves, the unique flexible tempo multi-track loops allow you to achieve a new, higher level of production with grooves.

Also available: The Ring Beats "British Rock 1" Kit and "British Rock 3" Kit, samples of the same Ludwig® drum kit used to record these grooves. Available as a playable multi-track Kontakt instrument, this kit can be used seamlessly with Ring Beat grooves to customize your drum tracks exactly how you choose. You can also create your own fab grooves!


• Over 100 classic, high quality multi-track drum loops recorded and played in the style of Ringo Starr of The Beatles. You get each individual mic channel as loops to put on multiple tracks in your DAW to get the same mixing flexibility you would with a live drum and percussion session but with the ability to have flexible tempos via Rex, Apple Loops or Acidized Wave.

• Additional percussion such as tambourine, hand claps, and cowbell

• Fills and groove variations, 665MB* of sample data in each format

* For Acidized Wave and Apple Loops as well as the original size for Rexes before compression.

RingBeats - 102 loops, 665MB (Tempo range: 82-190bpm)

Two Kits used in this collection. The British Rock 1 kit was used for 58 loops - 320MB and focuses on the authentic style grooves of early Beatles recordings. The British Rock 3 kit focuses on later recordings and was used in this collection on 44 loops - 345MB.

Note: There is no affiliation or official connection to The Beatles, Ringo Starr or Apple Records implied. All specifications subject to change. ©2008, Sonic Reality. All Rights Reserved.


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