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New Pricing on Infinite Player Libraries for Kontakt!
We are excited to announce our new 2015 pricing for all of our Kontakt libraries powered by Sonic Reality s Infinite Player. We have offered good sale prices before, but now we have made permanent price reductions on these titles across the entire range. Now you can expand your Kontakt sound collection in every dimension including top-of-the-line drum kits, sound effects, cinematic libraries, loops and more! Check out the entire range below.

In order to play these libraries, you must first purchase the Infinite Player (just $49) which includes the 2GB Infinite Foundation Library. If you already have the Infinite Player, then you can add more libraries at will!


About The Infinite Player and Sonic Reality s Infinite Instruments Series

Sonic Reality has a range of virtual instruments in categories such as Drum Kits and Grooves, Construction Kit Loops, Workstation Instruments, Sounds for Film and more. They are all powered by Kontakt Player and require a "gateway" to unlock the sounds after registration. This gateway for third party Sonic Reality sounds to be played by the FREE Kontakt Player 4 or newer -OR- through NI s FULL Kontakt 4 or newer (optional) is called the "Infinite Player" from Sonic Reality. You must already own Infinite Player via a bundle with an Infinite Player library or purchase this Infinite Player a la carte and install it within Kontakt Player or Kontakt full version in order to be able to read the sounds of Sonic Reality s Infinite Player/Kontakt format libraries such as Drum Masters, Serafine FX Tron, Cinema Sessions, Konstruction, Infinite Workstation, Kapsules and more.